Day of Heroes Reborn

Even as they take their first steps, warriors of Tartu are taught to be brave and selfless. Alas, human life has a beginning and an end. As years pass, fire that burns in the eyes fades and muscles become weaker. Even the greatest of warriors can't resist the will of the Great Dragon Velet forever and have to go to the Halls of Peace sooner or later.

As no one can escape the embrace of death, it doesn't matter how long you live but what memory remains of you when you are gone. Some live and pass away unnoticed, others shine like diamonds, lighting the world around them. Even in death, these great heroes and their legendary deeds live on in the hearts of the people. Their names are revered, and memories of their feats restore hope to those who are about to lose it. But sometimes a miracle happens, and these heroes are reborn into the world of the living to once again serve its people!

Once every year, the three Great Dragons: Eldior Ruler of Life, Aeona Mother of Eternity, Velet Ruler of Death, convene to choose those legendary heroes who are worthy of being granted a second chance in Adan. Warriors upon whom this great honor is bestowed are reborn as Dragons! While the Great Dragons convene, people all across Tartu search for sacred Dragon eggs and bring them to the Temple of Dragons where they will be safely out of reach of evil. When the eggs are safe, warriors of Sadar and Vaalor clash in battle, hoping that their glorious victories will awaken the spirits of the legendary heroes. Only then will the ritual be complete, and new Dragons will be born.


Days of Heroes Reborn will last from April 17th 12:00 Server Time through April 20 12:00 Server Time. Warriors of Sadar will have to go to the Scarlet Square and talk to Gal Karion, warriors of Vaalor are expected on the Square of Storms by Lar-Dian.

Upon talking to one of the priests, you will receive the Dragon Eggs Quest.

Quest's main goal is to obtain 20 Dragon Eggs that can be found in different locations across Tartu. When you find an Egg, click on it to place it in your Backpack. Complete the objective to receive 5 x Temple Bread.

To complete the secondary objective and receive 3 x Bread of Revival, warriors must fight in the Arena of Honor, Tournament of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, and Sea Battles. Only glory and valor acquired there will help awaken the legendary heroes.

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