Sphere of Vernal Energy

Required level 9
Item type Room


Magic ball, inside which you can find:
- Elixirs and orbs of "orange" quality
- Elixirs and orbs of "red" quality
- Unholy Coins, Sparks of the Abyss, Golden Piastres and Dedair Guilders
- Insignia of Companion
- Untold Generosity, Unseen Valor, Unparalleled Heroism
- Food "red" quality by character level
- Protective Membrane Insignia
- Onslaught Balms, Dragon Ragweed, Dragon Breath Vials and Elemental Candelas by character level
- Elements of the collections of Defender, Conqueror of the Seven Bridges, Hero of the Empire, Corsair and Defender of Adana

If you are particularly lucky, you can become the lucky owner of one of the following prizes:
- Reward Casket
- Blue parsel by character level and class
- Torling axes
- Casket of Retribution
- Ethereal Collections by character level
- Unique toy buildings, allowing you to instantly build a building in your Outpost and improve it to level 5
- 5000 Sidian
- Missing elements of the collections of Bonecracker and Healer
- Orange parsel by character level and class
- Stone Guardian's Hammer, Ice Guardian's Hammer, Iron Guardian's Hammer or Empire Guardian's Hammer depending on the character level
- Amulets of purple quality for characters of 70 and 90 levels

Also, opening each 200th ball, you will guaranteed receive Inactive Hammer of the Dark Gods, activating which, you will be able to use the full power of this formidable weapon for 1 day. And every 400th ball, you will guaranteed receive Inactive Crystal Eye of Invincibility, which you can also activate for 1 day.