Fried Fish

Required level 1
Item type Food
Cost 8

Item characteristics

Strength 15
Stamina 15


Adds Paladin Class properties.
Duration: 20 mins.

lets post how we received the drop for this. I am curious to pattern it.
I got one after battling a level 9 elite monster.
I cooked it
Fish 100 Minnows, Cook 100 Minnow Fillets, Mine coal, then use 6 coal and 26 Minnow Fillets to make 1 Fried Fish. Before you can make it tho you have to buy the recipe at the shop.
Got it off a level 5 elite
what is it? how does it work? what does it do?
got it off a level 3 burning tkhiss
looks like nemo
level 9 ghost guard got two of them
it looks like nemo
i ment it looks nemo's mom
I have a question.if i heat 3 of it.the carakteristic increase for each one.or increase Only the time of i can use it??