Lesser Extract of Antimagic

Required level 50
Item type Artifact

Item characteristics

Protection from Water Magic 30 %
Protection from Air Magic 30 %
Protection from Earth Magic 30 %
Protection from Fire Magic 30 %
Protection from Order Magic 30 %
Protection from Chaos Magic 30 %
Death magic protection 15 %


Increases by 30% protection, from spells of Natural schools of magic, as well as by 15% protection, from spells of Death magic.
Mana inflow decreases by 25%.
Duration: 40 minutes. Repeated use prolongs the duration of the effect.
Cannot be used simultaneously with other extracts of Dispelled Enchantments, candelas and Omnimach records.

To purchase an item, you need 1000 reputation"Exterminators of the Undead". After the expiration of the lifetime will turn into The Lost Small Extract of the Dispelled Enchantments, which can be restored for 5.00.