Deadly Sorcerer's Bow

Required level 67
Item type Ranged Weapons
Cost 30

Item characteristics

Shot damage 116 .. 157


Can be acquired by upgrading Powerful Sorcerer's Bow. Spark of Abyss is required to make the upgrade. These magical particles are obtained in battles with Shaab's monsters as well as for winning in the Vortex of Trapped Souls or completing the Vortex's Recurring Quests.
Upgrade becomes available upon earning 81000 Defender of Adan Reputation.
Magical Ranged Weapon which shoots charmed arrows.
Can be used when unmounted. Allows to target any opponent on the enemy team. Deals 116-157 damage.
Doesn't have to be equipped to use.
To attack, use the Arrows of Fading Mana, Deep Wound or Exhausted Spirit.