Small Tracker's Kit

Required level 29
Item type Tracker's Kit
Cost 2750

Item condition



When hunting monsters in the world of Adan, allows to hunt down a grohl, thees or scarsher and to engage with him. If you win, you will receive 5 reputation Pathfinder, provided that your current reputation level is below 1000, and, with a significant probability, one of elements of the corresponding collection.
Chance of tracking reduced, if level killed monster below yours.

this thing is stupid
how do you use this thing???????
i found out how it works do not equip this item it will attract lv50 monsters ">
Stupid - Stupid - Stupid.
how do you use it?
it attracts lvl 50 monsters i just got killed">">">">">">
how do u use this thing?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">
if this attract lvl 50 monsters so i just wasted 30 silver
boo hoo i wasted stupid money
it isnt a lvl 50 if you look there is an effect that puts the monster on equal grounds with you
It just says lvl 50, but the hp and damage given is somewhat on equal grounds. killed the shersher and got a piece of a collection.
this works a treat! (it works by randomly bringing "tracked-down" creatures into battles you have with other creatures/monsters - one appeared after my battle with a skrag). I beat the thing and rcvd a collection item. the creature was lvl 50 but its norm health of 5k was dropped to about 1200 from the start and all my health incr. items restored again to my pre-battle levels. So it works fine and gets you some pretty good stuff (and hunter points!)
excited to try it out
there easy kill even tho there lv 50 i think is a great item
Rubbish and worse now they attract lvl 70 monsters.
damn you im trying it anyway
how to use this thing">">">
The level 70 monsters aren't to hard