Gladiator Trophy Casket

Required level 6
Item type Room


Inside you may find items of the best quality available to you:
- Gladiator Balms (depending on your Reputation and Level)
-Violet Orbs and Elixirs if your level doesn't exceed 21
- Orange Orbs and Elixirs if you're level 22 or higher
- Elements of the Bone Shatterer Collection if you have less than 16000 Gladiator Reputation
- Helm of Spear Striker if you have between 16000 and 36999 Gladiator Reputation
- Gladius of Flesh Cleaver or Kyanite Crown if you have between 37000 and 81000 Gladiator Reputation
- Apsular if you have 81000 Gladiator Reputation.
Can be acquired by taking part in the Arena of Honor and Tournament of Honor.
Can be transferred only to members of the Clan that received the reward.