Glory Tamer Warrant

Item type Blacksmith Scheme


After using the Warrant, you will be able to receive elements of the Tamer of Glory Collection:
Gladiator's Laurel Wreath
Trident of Glory Tamer
Net of Glory Tamer
Pauldrons of Glory Tamer

The Warrant for Blacksmith can be purchased upon achieving 1000 Gladiator Reputation.

for how long ?
now i.m a levle 2 i it!
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Okay - I don't get it... I have a ton of items in the "Tamer of Glory" collection, then bought this in order to convert them into something I can use... I have over 16k gladiator rep and none of the lower items are of any use. can someone explain to me how to use this to convert my items into something else?
costs 2 gold