Fortune Test Cube

Required level 4
Item type Room


When you destroy the cube, you guaranteed will find in it:
- useful consumable items for yourself and your Dragon, orbs, phials, elixirs of life purple, orange or red quality;
- fionites skeletars, idols summon monsters, machinoids, amulets of the damned or replication.

With very likely you additionally may find:
- food green, blue or red quality for yourself or your Dragon;
- balms by character level;
- evasion phials;
- scrolls of invoking ceraptes;
- candels, extracts dispelled or entries Omnimach.

With significant chances, you additionally may find:
- green, blue or purple armor or jewelry for the character;
- weapon for a red quality character;
- green, blue armor or orange dragon mask.

With little chance you optional may find:
- chest red reputation quality;
- parcels from blue to orange quality;
- meta purple quality;
- reales.

If luck is especially favorable to you:
- Hours of Prosperity;
- activation compass Garuuga;
- activation random chain of tasks.

To open the cube, you need to donate 1.00!