Enchanted Grabber's Chest

Required level 6
Item type Room


A chest with a mountain of amazing treasures, carefully guarded by Grabbers.
Opening the chest, you can find:
• Elixirs and orbs of "red" quality
• Various magic items by character level:
- Food "red" quality
- Onslaught Balms
- Phials "Dragon's Breath"
- Corsair's Phials
- Candela of the Elements
- Ambrosia of dragon
- Balls calling drillers, loaders and parodroids
Amulet of Cursed Legionnaire Summoning

In addition, many chests hide rare items available as a reward for completing achievements:
Assault Shot
Excellent Hunter's Arrow
Artful Hunter's Arrow
Crushing Hunter's Arrow
Creed of Primal Fury
Creed of Ancient Defense
Creed of Magical Spring
Creed of Swift Strike
Ultimate Charms of Durability
Prize Glyph of Resurrection
Lethal Label
Prize Phoenix Phial
Primal Rage

To open the chest, you need 3.00.

The chest can be obtained by collecting the collection "Enchanted Grabber Chest" during the event "Hoard of Grabbers".