Enchanted Grabber's Chest

Required level 6
Item type Room


A chest containing a heap of wondrous treasures, guarded by watchful Grabbers.
It may contain: - Red Elixirs and Orbs
- A kinds of magic items for your level:
- Red food
- Balms of Onset
- Dragon Breath Phials
- Corsair Phials
- Kandelas of Elements
- Dragon Ambrosia
- Spheres of Driller, Loader and Steamdroid Summoning
- Amulet of Cursed Legionnaire Summoning

In addition to this, chests may grant you rewards for the following achievements:
Assault Shot
Excellent Hunter's Arrow
Artful Hunter's Arrow
Crushing Hunter's Arrow
Creed of Primal Fury
Creed of Ancient Defense
Creed of Magical Spring
Creed of Swift Strike
Ultimate Charms of Durability
Prize Glyph of Resurrection
Mark of Passivity
Prize Phoenix Phial
Primal Rage

3.00 are required to open a chest.

You may obtain the chest for completing the Enchanted Grabber's Chest collection.
This Collection can only be complete during the Treasury of Grabbers event.