New Quests for Levels 60 and 61

Warriors of level 60, 61 and higher, new adventures await you!

Things are not always what they seem, especially when it comes to magical artifacts. Wizards, collectors and opportunists of all kinds alike seek out these wondrous items for the power they promise. But now, the hunt for the Guardian artifact that started out as a standard House of Tranquility search operation, has spiraled out of control and led to really unexpected consequences...


But even in the direst of situations, don't despair and remain calm. With their head on their shoulders and their sword in the scabbard, a true Knight always remembers about the Code. No matter what fate throws at them, no matter what stands in their way, a Knight always prevails!

"Prison is never too far away", goes one of Adan's sayings. Even the purest protector of the Empire can't argue with that, especially when one rainy day they find themselves locked up inside a dungeon and accused of murder they didn't commit. But there's always a way out of every predicament, all you have to do is keep a cool head and think clearly.


Surviving amongst cutthroats and hangdogs isn't easy, but a skilled warrior with years of Academy training under their belt will surely be up to the task. Still, you can't reveal perjurer's identity from inside the prison walls, so your first priority is to organize an escape. Fortunately, there's no shortage of inmates who will be more that willing to trade prison meals for the air of freedom. But breaking out is just the first step. The easier step. Understanding the motives and predicting the actions of the perjurer is a whole different story...

New adventures start with Ardiana Korf's The Conspirators' Secret Quest (unlocked at level 60) and Elder Vil's Mad Raiders Quest (unlocked at level 61).

Update takes wayyyyyyyy to long and just for the skies really lol">
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