Tragedy During the Big Hunt

Warriors of level 54 and higher, new adventures await you!

Little is known about the Taurs. The race of half-Humans half-horses has limited its relations with other people of Tartu to violent raids and occasional large-scale invasions. No attempts to establish trade or diplomatic relations have ever been made on Taurs' part, so, for a long time, Taurs have been considered nothing more than a primitive barbaric species.


This belief is reinforced by the fact that Taurs haven't really had any technological progress for hundreds of years. The only thing that they barely managed to learn was metal smelting and they have only mastered it to make more weapons. Still, there is more to the Taurs than meets the eye.

H'aaf-Russum, chieftain of the Sun Clan – the one that left the horde to seek a more peaceful life – has invited you to the Big Hunt. A sacred ancient tradition, the Big Hunt orders the Taurs to appease their Sky Horse guardian by making a huge Sky Fire; this must be done before the Hot Sun comes.

When the Sky Fire dies down, all warriors must go to the Big Hunt to stock up on food for the whole dry season. But a big celebration has turned into a tragedy which now threatens to grow into bloodshed. Will you be able to restore the relations with the Sun Clan and prove to the Taurs that Humans have nothing to do with their loss? There's only one way to find out!

New adventures begin with the Quest of H'aaf-Russum "The Big Hunt", available at level 54.

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