Takhur's Exotic Flowers

Warriors of level 35 and higher, prepare to go on a new exciting adventure!

No matter how much time the Minoton gardener Takhur spends bent over the margilia bed with a hoe, no matter how often he waters them, the picky flowers just won't grow. To help the poor fellow, you will have to go to the famous witch and ask her if she by any chance knows a way to save the exotic plants from dying.  It goes without saying, she does know a way with all the years of herbalist experience under her belt. Surely, she can handle such a simple task. Or is creating the remedy for the flowers not as easy as we think?


To acquire the components for the potion the witch suggested, one will have to battle monsters, hunt flying predators, travel quite a length, and even catch previously unknown inhabitants of Tartu! And when all the obstacles are overcome and the potion is made, one question will still remain: is the potion as good as Meldina claims, or was she just bragging?

New adventures start with the Quest of Minoton Takhur "Picky Flowers", which becomes available at level 35.

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