Amazing Discovery: Monsters Can Acquire Abilities, Too!

Everyone knows that the more a warrior trains and fights in battles, the better they become at their trade. But who would have thought that the same applies to monsters? As it turns out, they too have the capacity to learn and acquire new combat skills that make them deadlier adversaries!

Warriors of Tartu of level 15+ have been discovered to possess the following abilities:

Has a chance of falling into rage after being attacked, which raises the damage dealt by its blows by 40%.

Can shatter the enemy's morale with a terrible cry, reducing the target's Will, Intuition and Stamina by 40%.

Skrag is infested with a parasite which reduces the Skrag's damage by 20% and increases damage taken by 25%. However, with each Skrag's attack, there is a chance that the parasite will tranfer to the target's body.

Golem's attacks have a small chance of disorienting the enemy for 1 round.

When Taur's Health drops below 50%, it may summon one of its kin into combat. The summoned monster's Health amounts to 40% Health of the Taur that summoned it.

Panyar's attacks have a chance of invoking Eternal Hunger which allows the Panyar to restore 10% Health every time it hits the enemy.

When Ield's Health drops below 75%, it has a small chance of turning into a Stone Rhun. A Stone Rhun deals 50% additional damage and all attacks against it are at -25% damage penalty. When the Rhun is reduced to 25% Health, it changes back into an Ield.

Has a small chance of dealing 240% damage, but this attack will leave Madkhar disoriented for two following rounds.

Each Strekade's attack has a very low chance of summoning another Strekade into battle.

Has a small chance of dealing an additional attack at 20-60% of normal damage.

Rachni's attacks have a small chance of poisoning the enemy. Rachni poison deals small amounts of damage every 2 rounds for 8 round. Poisonings may stack, raising dealt damage.

Has a high chance of dealing 130% damage, but this attack restores 30 Mana to the enemy.

After being attacked, the Darkguard can use the Lightning Rod which grants him a high chance of striking the enemy with a lightning bolt that deals 90% of the Darkguard's physical attack damage.

When attacked physically by the enemy, there is a small chance that the Tarkhan will retaliate on the enemy's turn, dealing 50% of normal damage.

NICE adds more of a challenge now SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!!
If it's not broken, don't fix it.

Your server is still broken after nearly three years, try fixing that.
I agree, posted in forum saying this was an interesting update. I'll be picking my hop creatures a little more carefully!
hmm not sure if the rachni needed a second ability as they get about 95% crit when low on life ... and i mean 600 poison ticks followed by 1k+ crits is not really legit ...
um are you really trying to destroy the game first barbarians then chest reals now this whats next are we going to have to pay 1 real for each mob fight?
uhhh, my dad is doing a HoP right now on his alt, he is level 18 fighting level 18 skrags in port district and they have the abilityas well, yet it says they only get it AFTER level 30!!??
They just cut out all but the credit card users, green gear alone don't cut it anymore.
Whats the point of this?
Is just making PQ's tougher...
and hop tougher... as well as running guys are adding unneeded updates and don't give a damn to fix up the rest of the game
this was not thought out same as the rest of the updates why not read what we say instead of picking changes out of the thin air
Barbarians for prospectors, this update targetted at everyone but in particular hunters, so whats in store for those who have chosen fishing and farming - people joked about it in the Barbarian thread on the forum but now I am not so sure its a laughing matter.
Why the hell am I fighting buffed up mobs at level 15?!?!
">">">">">"> there are no words.
This wouldn't just be another way to get us to spend more money would it.....

Nah, they wouldn't do that to us lol
since it will cost more (will need more pots, gear breaks, and probably longer fights and less resources from eyes) the new advanced mobs should also drop more coin.
EllieJayIf it's not broken, don't fix it.

Your server is still broken after nearly three years, try fixing that.

agreed and is a odd add to game
can we get the home address of the person who came up with this idea please???
we umm.. want to visit him and shoot in his rear like for eternity as in dragon eternity....
So, it seems that all monsters have this new abilities, not only the ones 30+, as I saw this at lvl 15 as well. I really liked to play this game (this is just one of my characters), but lately I started to change my feelings about it. I would recommend to the owner of this game to think more about new changes if you do not want to lose a lot of players.
GatekeeperThis wouldn't just be another way to get us to spend more money would it.....

Nah, they wouldn't do that to us lol

haha so true
the only thing to do here is ">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">

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