Rule changes to Clan Wars

From July 4th, rule changes shall apply to Clan Wars:

• From now on, members of the enemy clan can be attacked with a single tap. Tap on the crossed swords symbol to do so. You may find the symbol to the left of the chosen adversary's name in the list of players currently in the location.
• Bonecrusher Spheres or Standards are used during the attack, if auto-use was selected.
• Should auto-use not have been selected, a  window pops up and you have to choose which one of these items ought to be used to begin the confrontation.


• Enrgy will be depleting much faster during a War, however, its regeneration rate is increased, too. A warrior without a Crystal of Aspects will now lose 6 energy units per passage. They will be restored within 5 seconds. Warriors carrying an Ark with crystals shall lose 12 units of energy and their restoration will take up 10 seconds.

P.S.: The trader of rarities has informed the innkeeper at the Winery Crossroads in a letter that he is not planning to rent his usual room in the time to come. This can only mean that we should hardly count on him arriving on our continent this month.

I'm curious how the energy units compare to the previous war method
This is a wholly unneeded update.
Thanks for not sending the merchant where everyone can buy using game gold...just brilliant ">">
wheatseekerThanks for not sending the merchant where everyone can buy using game gold...just brilliant ">">

Thanks for not even including the reason when you all bloody well knew that we were going to ask for one.
Charms of Durability all planned out and bought based on the merchant coming, based on the event in the map. Please reconsider and get him here 1 more time, as planned, for those of us that think ahead.

Guess we will see how the energy levels affect everything. Don't see it affecting too much, but we'll see.

Yay to the combat swords though, that will make the fights a lot easier to start. ">">
It doesn't mean he won't be coming back at all, merchant is just busy this month ;)
I think the complaint is about how he was in the map for event coming up, and then you cancel him, I'd of had no misgivings at all if he had been show to show up in 2 months instead of one month for example, but waiting till he was almost showing up and after melvin had already left to have him not come is a bad timing imo.
Surturs Fire,

Typical game mismanagement
Surturs Fire is right. My complaint is that I bought just enough Charms of Durability to cover the events and wars planned for the next 2 weeks, at which time I would have bought more from the merchant to cover until the next merchant. If I had known the merchant wasn't coming in 2 weeks, I would have spent reals and bought the months worth. I now have events and wars that I will not have charms for, which I will have to decide if I want to participate in, or pay repairs for. If there is anyway I can buy just a few more Charms with reals, that will make me happy. Any way you can make that happen?
what was the point in the energy part?
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