Dedaire Exchanger is Now Available for Clans

Level 2 Clans can now purchase a new item in the Clan Shop – the Dedaire Exchanger! After buying this miracle of Dedaire entrepreneurial spirit, all Clan members will be able to exchange Gold for Reals and vice versa without any limitations. Here's how it works!

When a Clan purchases the Exchanger, first thing the Clan Leader has to do before exchanges can be made is set an exchange rate. Clan Leader is the only member of the Clan with this permission. Rate can be set in the range from 1 to 1,5 Gold for 1 Real. After this is done, players are allowed to deposit money into the Exchanger. To complete a transaction, two deposits from two players are required (one in Gold, and one in Reals). When the second deposit is made, exchange is completed automatically and money is transferred into parties' accounts. 

If there isn't enough money in the second deposit to cover the entire sum of the first deposit, surplus is left in the Exchanger and can be taken by the player who deposited the sum. Surplus can also be left in the Exchanger's account for future transactions of your Clan. Please note that the Clan Leader can only alter the exchange rate when there is no Gold or Reals in the Exchanger. 

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