The Labyrinth of Eternity for the whole day

Regulars Rejoice in the Labyrinth of Eternity!

From now on the maze is available to visit at any time day and night!

In order to get into the Labyrinth of Eternity, as before, it is necessary:
• reach level 50
• complete tasks «Dark clouds over Khateram» and «Kaptor Khathu»
• perform daily task «Rune key» to get the artifact of the same name, giving access to the Maze on 1 hour.

Getting rune key, go to the central square of your empire (Scarlet Square for Sadar and Storm Square for Valorians) and in the list of instances, select "Labyrinth of Eternity". During the transition, the key will disappear, and you will receive a spell twilight portal, allowing you to travel through the Labyrinth of Eternity.

Additional keys can be used either another time, or already inside the Maze to extend the time spent inside.

The changes also affected fountains of cheerfulness. Now, after using them, you can either wait for their recovery or use them immediately by paying 1.

The Arcane arks will now always be visible on the location, but their reopening will be possible only after some time, which will be the more the fewer people were in the Maze at the time of the Ark's opening. With the rebuilding of the maze, the recovery time of the arks will reset.

The mechanics of rebuilding the maze and the time of the appearance of elite monsters remained unchanged.

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