Game updates!

Valiant defenders of Tarth!

It may seem that the regalia of honor and glory are completely frivolous things, especially in comparison with heavy armor and magnificent swords of ancient workmanship. However, this is not the case. In the world of Dragons, magical jewelry can be a great help in battle!

Today's change sparkles with gold and sparkles with precious stones, because it concerns regalia. Now you can upgrade your existing regalia according to the same rules as the main equipment . To improve the selected item, you will need gold, as well as dust purple quality.

The current changes are just another way to get regalia. It will not affect the assortment of stores in any way. They can still be purchased in any way convenient for you!

The changes also affected our faithful companions - Dragons. From now on, if you have the necessary title, you will be able to purchase equipment for your Dragon purple quality.


By analogy with the rest of the equipment, you will also be able to upgrade your existing Dragon equipment to purple quality. To improve the selected item, you will need reals, as well as dust and Sydian (for high-level stuff). There are two upgrade options available for any of the basic equipment items:

• into an item of the same quality for a higher level;

• in a higher quality item for the same level.

The possibility of mask improvements from the main class elements to secondary ones on 18, 32, 52 and 72 level, saved.

Dragon World warriors can now upgrade their parsels up to black quality:


Also in the equipment of Dragon and Nephilim purple quality another slot is now available in which you can encrust additional life parsel (in addition to the available power parsel slot).

Good luck to you, valiant warriors and beautiful warriors, and may the mercy of Dragons be with you!

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