Fighting on the Seven Bridges of Shadan!

Starting tomorrow, Legate Val-Tar reopens the battles on the Seven Bridges of Shadan! However, only those warriors who were not lucky enough to get into the battle on the Ruins of the Ancient Capital will be able to take part in these training battles. In order not to lose the fighting spirit and spirit of the soldiers, the Legate will start fighting at 01, 31 and 46 minutes of every hour. With the next start of the battle on the Ruins, the opportunity to get into the training battle is closed only if the warrior did not get into the battle again, in which case he will be able to take part in the battle on the Bridges again. Training battles will be held only during the Days of the Ruins of the Ancient Capital. Also, the fights will be conducted according to the following rules:

- the minimum number of participants for the battle is - 1;

- battle level groups: 6–8, 9–15, 16–21, 22–28, 29–35, 36–43, 44–51, 52–60, 61–70, 71–80 and 81-90;

- the battle is held on two shores, the right and left coast, respectively, during the battle, players can freely move between the shores, if they are in reserve (moving takes place on the principle of a deck in a Sea Battle);

- at the start of the battle, all pairs of players fall on the right bank, on the left bank, according to the pairs of players, the same number of pairs of imperial warriors are fighting, if the player is 1, then there will be 1 imperial warrior against him in battle, as well as a pair of imperial warriors fighting against each other on the left bank (for example, if 5 players got into the battle, 1 imperial warrior will join the battle on the right bank to level the forces of the teams, and 6 imperial warriors will start the battle on the left bank);

- on each bank of the Shadan, positive effects act on players: on the right - Seven Bridges of Shadan, and on the left - Crushing power, when moving from one bank to the other, the effect acting on the previous bank is removed, so only one of these effects can act on players at the same time;

- when moving to the left bank, a live player supplies all his imperial allies with arrows - Crushing Shot. For 30 rounds, every 3 rounds, the warriors will be able to make bow shots at their imperial opponents, as soon as the arrows run out, any living player will be able to bring 10 more arrows from the right bank;

- when moving to the right bank, any living imperial warrior, with a high probability, can endow a live player with the effect of an Ice Wall or the Spring of Restoration. The effects are summed up to 3 times;

Good luck, and may the blessing of the Great Dragons be with you!


from optimus

Seven Bridges of Shadan
On Tuesdays, on the day of the Ruins, every time you queue up for the Ruins and do not fall into the battle, you will automatically have access to the Seven Bridges of Shadan battle queue for an hour .

The ruins start at **:30 minutes of every hour. If you don't hit, you will need to manually queue for bridges.
Bridges start at **:31 , **:46 and **:01 minutes; Level groups - like in Arenas.

There is no separate map and transitions to locations as in ruins. The fight starts as a regular Arena: Two teams of players, to which, if necessary, +1 random arena bot will be added for balance.

Right in the battle there is a neighboring "to aboutmnata, where in the background, as many arena bots fight among themselves as there are players / bots in the main mnata . For example, if there are two teams in a battle: [8 players] vs. [7 players + 1 bot], then [8 vs 8] random arena bots will fight in the next room.

Between the rooms {Let's call them ' human room' and ' bot room'}, as in the Naval Battle, you can move freely, but only when the player is in reserve (does not have a direct enemy).
At the same time, in the room of people, all players are affected by a buff that increases the healing effect of all Eliks and symbols of life by 10%; And in the bot room, there is another effect that increases the damage of any direct hit by 10%.

Each time a player moves from a human room to a bot room, all the bots of his team get the Strike Shot effect for 30 rounds and start shooting at the opposite bot every 3 rounds. At the beginning of the battle, you can immediately call all the skeletons / dragons and other living creatures in order to gain a numerical advantage and go to the bots' room - give them arrows. There, in principle, there is nothing to do in the next 30 rounds. Your bots have received an advantage in the form of arrows, you can immediately go back so that none of the opponents can also go and buff their bots.

When moving from the bot room back to the human room (assuming the bots are still alive), the player has a high chance of receiving Ice Wall [reduces incoming damage] or Source of Recovery [increases healing effects] for 6 rounds. If your team has a confident numerical superiority, you can endlessly move back and forth and accumulate effects (max. 3 pcs);

If the first team wins in the bot room, and the second team wins in the human room, the bots will move on to beat the remaining people.
The team that kills everything that is opposite in both parts of the battle wins.

- If you are alone in the queue, it is advantageous to toss one skeleton to the enemy bot and proceed to continue the fight in the bot room.
- In case of death, the armor breaks .
- On the Bridges there is a separate quest for arrows, which is completed independently of the quest on the Ruins.
- Gold under the clock is given as in arenas, there is no limit on gold. Ancient Capital Ruins Day ← gives +25% gold.
- In case of death, you can leave the battle.
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