Game updates

Changes in payment systems

We, together with our partner Xsolla, strive to conduct our business in accordance with international regulations and safety protocols. We have prepared an update that fully complies with the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and supports payments with 3D Secure 2.0.

The following types of payments are now available for buying reals:

• Credit/Debit card;

• PayPal;

• Xsolla;

• Mobile payments.

Also, the interface has undergone changes - it has become more modern and convenient. You can get acquainted with all the changes and find out the details in the payment systems section.

Changes in Confrontation Rating

Level groups 4-15, 16-21 and 22-35 have been abolished. The confrontation rating will remain for only three leagues:

• I league from 36th to 50th levels;

• II league from 51st to 70th levels;

• III league from 71st to 90th levels.

The rewards for the prizes and the mechanics of assigning rating points will remain the same!

Changes in the mechanics of returning lost items

The mechanics of automatically returning items have undergone a number of changes:

• all lost items received a single category Other, with the appropriate placement in the backpack;

• the restoration mechanic remains the same - at any convenient moment you can use the lost item (s) to restore them while maintaining their exact quantity, at the standard price of 5.00;

• in addition, the following items are subject to restoration:



Keep your money in a savings ... piggy bank!

For quite some time, many of the inhabitants of Adana, subjected to constant attacks by robbers and rebels, begged the Dedairi craftsmen to take an order for the manufacture of an indestructible vault for their savings. Finally, Crom Thunder himself decided to take on the task. Day and night, he worked tirelessly, and, having completed his creation, presented the world with his bizarre device - a piggy bank. But, knowing the glory of the grandfather scientist, the catch did not take long: the device turned out to be so durable that even the inventor himself could not open it and get the accumulations placed there.

Gefeor volunteered to help the unfortunate master - although he usually deals only with armor, it was a matter of honor to help a familiar grandfather. He spent several days without rest in his forge. On the fourth day, exhausted, he went outside and presented Crom with the most formidable weapon in the universe - the Plush Hammer. Gefeor himself does not admit what his hammer is made of, but they say that the material was previously found at excavations in the Temple of the Ancients.


Be that as it may, the grandfathers finalized and learned to copy Crom's ingenious mechanisms - from now on, the piggy bank is available for purchase in the Store. Unfortunately, the hammer created by Gefeor destroys the piggy bank completely, so if the resident of Adana again needs to save money, he will have to buy a new example of an engineering miracle.

Conjugation of worlds!

The continent of Tart is large and every day this or that incident occurs on it. But now we have a more terrible threat. In the universe there are countless universes similar to ours. Due to the recent cataclysm, our worlds may touch from time to time. In some places, the border may blur. And this is fraught with the fact that completely unfriendly guests may come to us. The incidents that previously happened every now and then in our home world will fall on the shoulders of the mercenaries of empires. The brave warriors of Tart are facing battles in alien worlds.

Our universes in some places unite, and, having pierced the fabric of the universe, you can penetrate from one world to another. And such wanderers are unlikely to be friendly. Using the portal in the Moon City, you can move to a world like two peas in a pod similar to ours. Each warrior capable of holding a sword in his hands will receive a task from the inhabitants of a parallel world, and although they look like creatures already familiar to us, do not give in, they are not one of us! Help them hold out long enough until the gap between our worlds is closed. All hope is on you, if hordes of monsters from countless universes break through to us, then our total extinction is only a matter of time. Do not forget to return home, and remember, this is not our native Adan. You shouldn't stay there longer than necessary ...

From now on, every day at 04:00 am according to the time of our world, each volunteer, having talked with the Priest on the square of his native empire, will receive a bizarre device - Tesseract, using which you can stabilize the portal in the Moon City for a while, and go to an alien universe. Thanks to the Pairing worlds effect, you will know exactly when the boundaries between the worlds will be restored, and when you need to return to your native lands. Try to do your best and destroy as many monsters as possible, be it Tunnel Drillers or Shell-Shocked Aliens. Let nothing hold you back, remember, every creature on the other side may end up in our world. Each monster you kill is one life saved ...

By destroying monsters and getting 150 insignia of Redeemer for their victory, you will receive a key to a chest with a generous reward. To wander around the hostile world less, Tarla Syrayen will use her magic to transfer your reward to our world, but this takes a lot of energy from her, so she will not be able to teleport a heavy chest to any specific place, she will have to find it in the vastness of the mainland.

Hurry, noble warriors and warriors, no one knows what awaits us in the future, maybe these efforts will not be enough and a threat much more terrible than small insects or mad idols will penetrate into our world ...

Our scouts managed to collect some information, but more than a week has passed since the last report, who knows what could have changed on the other side ...

Seven Bridges of Shadan are back

By popular demand, the battle of Seven Bridges of Shadan is back. From now on, it will start every hour, at exactly 30 minutes.

Leaders from alien worlds!

So the fateful hour has struck, from now on every Sunday at 20:00 pm according to the time of our world, leaders from other worlds with their armies will break through to our native Adan. Only brave warriors and fearless warriors will be able to withstand these enemies, for which they will be richly rewarded.

In addition to the usual Insignia of Redeemer, which will be issued in large numbers not only for high damage to the Leader, but also for the destruction of his army, the warriors will be able to find the Octagon artifact on the battlefield, apparently thanks to him the Leader entered our world.

Until the last moment, it is not known who will appear in the Moon City this time. Upon the arrival of the leader, each warrior will receive the task of the same name. The leader from another world, whose goal will be to destroy the uninvited guest, along with his retinue. Also, if you did not have time to complete the weekly Trials of Power, for your courage and courage on the battlefield, Fenir will credit you with one task.

Hurry, warriors, if we do not stop the onslaught of the enemy, then no one will stop it ...

Before starting the battle, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with some of the features of the leaders in the section Incidents.

Work on bugs!

• incorrect behavior of Phantom Orb and Orb of Fateful Phantom. Previously, if a character died in battle, and was resurrected in one way or another, the activated but not used phantom orb disappeared;

• an error with the restoration of red food at 28 and 39 levels;

• earlier, the task to capture Garuug the Grabber could appear in some instances, including the instances of the Great Protector;

• Underground Serpent Torlings, attacking the Sidian Mine were formerly of the Witcher class with the corresponding elemental reflections. From now on they are universal and received the effect of the Shield of Elements;

• the Phial of Dexterity has been given the form of an Artifact, with the corresponding location in the backpack. Previously, it belonged to the Phial species, and was in the combat effects section, instead of non-combat;

• fixed inability to view the history of character and clan development;

• fixed a bug due to which the bots of the Arena of Honor drank the first elixir of life at a rather low level of health;

• fixed the incorrect display of the icon of the current level of clan reputation in the information about the clan;

• Phial of Mana Surge, that look like Elixir have changed to Phial;

• the Sphere of Stance, belonging to the type of Symbols, received the form of Orbs;

• a number of texts and descriptions on the game's Infoportal have been improved.

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