Recent updates and news

Greetings, valiant dragon knights!

Here is a list of things that had been done and things to expect:

 Maze of Eternity will be available at interval of 3 hours instead of two times a day. So players from any region of the world can participate much easier.

 We are working on improvement of game performance. And the top priority in this field is the bug that hangs the game at the end of a fight. Several fixes were made already and we are adding them to Nova. Currently we are monitoring the effectiveness of these fixes.

 Fixed a bug that led to disappearance of Sydian from the Hideout.

 Made changes to Hours of Prosperity. Now after completing the quest you will not get the buff right away, but instead will be awarded an item. Which, in turn, you can manually activate from your inventory to get a buff. Now while playing on mobile device you will be able to activate Hours of Prosperity even in combat!

 Flash is dying, but the Dragons are eternal! The browser version of the game will most likely cease to function in late 2020. We are developing a standalone Windows/Mac OS game client for those of you who are currently playing the game from their browsers. No dates are set at the moment but rest assured - we are not abandoning the game.

 Last but not least. The game now has a new dedicated administrator - Sensate. He will be present in-game each Wednesday for about an hour to answer your questions. Look for him at Winery Crossroads, around 17:00 server time.

good news, thank you for all effort :)
ни о чём
Thank you so much for the updated information
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Amherst, If you grab the first hop before reset, you have 6 hours to activate first hop, and then get the days new hop, because now when the reset happens, if you've done the quest and got the reward to bp a new hop pops up at reset, even without using first one yet.
объедените вы уже Нову и Терру!
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