Latest changes in the game

Greetings, dear players! We've been busy these last few weeks. Now it's time to tell you all about the latest changes we've made!

• First of all, we've changed the logic of Hero of the Archipelago and Defender of the Archipelago quests. Each of those quests can now be taken only once per day. New quest will become available on the next day at 05:00 AM.

• We've given you the ability to choose which Hero of the Archipelago quest you'd like to receive. There has been many cases when people just kept rotating quests until they got the one they wanted. 

• Damage in Hero of the Archipelago quests is counting correctly now. 

• Players who die durung the battle in the Ruins of Ancient Capital will receive a Wraith buff for 30 seconds after being respawned. That will give them time to move through 1-2 locations. That's a way to protect weaker players against being repeatedly killed after respawn. While under the effect of Wraith, you cannot interact with flags, but still can participate in combat.

• We've taken autum winter's suggestion into account: now, if there're not enough players to start Seven Bridges battle, bots will fill the free slots!

• We've finally fixed the old bug with the Raffle images. Now there's no way to see their owners's stats!

Huge help, thank you!!!
Ty great update on 7b TY VERY MUTCH Autum
ah just tried it worked great!! So many happy people now, Thanks again
Absolutely brilliant !!!!! Thankyou DE!!! and thankyou to autum for getting the ball rolling !!!!
thank you very much autum, huge help
Thank you so much.
Thank you too
is it possible to reduce the waiting time for a 7b battle to 30 mins? the battle is like 5 mins and you have to wait for another hour again but sea battle and roac are ok as the battle takes around 40 mins....
thank you very much all updates :))))
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Conqueror of Seven Bridges +36
7B vs bots works, and was a lot of fun Wonderful update, thank you.
love the changes, but would like the info in the quest in english AND NOT IN RUSSIAN
Good progress but still a little thin for 2 months of work.
Keep it going !!
Can you make bots in Tournament of Honor too ?
Yes, Thank you so much DE and Autum for 7b bots!!! Very helpful and encouraging!
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