Planned Maintenance on Dragon Eternity Website

Dragon Eternity website will undergo maintenance on September 26th from 12:00 through 16:00 Server Time. You will be able to log into the game via a temporary login menu that will be available on the website. Logging into the game on mobile devices or via GI Play will proceed as usual. Library, news, forum, and other sections of the website will be temporarily unavailable.

Maintenance is required to make changes that will allow us to add a “karma” feature for the users of our forum. Once the maintenance is over, we recommend you clear your cache and delete cookies (Ctrl + Shift + Del) on our website. Please use forum should you encounter any issues after the maintenance is done.

Dragon Eternity Admin Team

Game Website and Forum

Players who are active on our game forum will soon be able to get special forum points. Think of it as karma of sort. Creating interesting topics, giving valuable advice or sharing important information with the others will earn you forum reputation. Reaching a certain amount of reputation will unlock special smileys, unique avatars, as well as ranks that will reflect your contribution to the development of forum.


Will we get new islands too?
Can't wait to see the changes take effect.
+1 on TOO
God help us all. Kat, please calm down. Also, i really hops a post by an alt, answered by another does not count.... this is the silliest "reward" ever.
"Players who are active on our game forum will soon be able to get special forum points."

Uh oh, admins just introduced (Storm Kat)nip to the game. Will she ever get out of forums now?
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