Latest Game Update

Latest update includes the following changes:
–  All monsters summoned with red and black Idols now imbibe the Cursed Balm. Each attack against such monster drains 15% of the attacker's Health.
–  Members of Level 3 Clans can now get the Clan Banner blessing from the Altar of Kairon in their Clan Hall. Clan Banner doubles Clan Reputation gain for all Clan members:
        •  for winning a Clan War if the winners' level is equal or lower to that of the defeated side;
•  for completing the Hero of the Archipelago and Protector of the Archipelago Recurring Quests;
•  for winning a battle against Torling ships;
        •  for defeating the other crew in a Boarding.
–  The amount of Sydian gained from the Chests of Undead
now depends on your Undead Hunter Reputation: the higher it is, the more Crystals you receive. Starting at Recognition (1000 Reputation) and for every consecutive Reputation Level, Sydian gain will increase by 5%.
–  Maze of Eternity now has a
different schedule. This mysterious place will from this day forward open its doors at 12:00, 18:00 and 0:00 Server Time. Maximum time allowed in the Maze is 2 hours for each journey.

Thank You!!!!
This is😬😐😑😑 a ok game
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