New Reputation Level - Veneration!

Great news, warriors! From this day forward, a new Reputation Level is unlocked for you to gain – Veneration! Warriors who achieve this massive goal will enjoy the chance to use the best items and consumables:

Tormenting Curses and Banes;
Velvet Baldric;
Transportable Chest;
• S
pheres of Undefeated Bonecrusher;
Exceptional Balms of Fury and Endurance;
Omnimach's Chronicles VII
Universal Hunter's Kit which unlocks new Collections and allows to create Charmed Idols of Khaiman, Flosar and Kariol;
Fateful Sorcerer's Bow;
Exceptional Glyphs of Mana and Fading Mana;
Exceptional Orbs of Nosferatu, Fearlessness and Self-Preservation;
Orb of Fateful Phantom;
New Fionites to summon Krold, Raptoid, Warg, and Khaiman Skeletars




and many more amazing items!

You can view the full list of items available for each Reputation in the respective Reputation menus.

P.S. Veneration Level for Protector Reputation will be added a little later. Be patient, warriors! It is worth the wait!

I'm going to write in my will that when I die I want you to put all my reps to veneration because, lets face it, there is nooo way, even in 60 years, I'm going to get that much rep
What's the difference between the veneration and the 81k phantom orb? both descriptions are the same, both are 3r, both lvl 60.
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