Map of the Maze of Eternity

Warriors that venture into the Maze of Eternity are the bravest of their kind. Complaining about hardships such as the lack of a map is not in their nature. However, Shivari's sworn enemy Yshen Carr is working day and night to make the fight in the monster-infested dark tunnels easier. Soon, he will present his Map of the Maze marking important areas and places of interest.


Sadar and Vaalor Entrances

The color of the entrance icon shows which entrance is used by which Empire.

Fountains of Rejuvenation

Fountains of Rejuvenation restore your Energy, allowing you to continue your journey through the Maze. Unless, of course, someone drains it before you arrive. Don't worry, though, an empty Fountains refills over time.

Sorcerer's Arks

These icons mark the spots where the magical treasure chests may be located.

Elite Monster

Shows the place where an Elite Monster has been spotted.


Cursed Place

Red color marks areas where monsters respawn much faster than in other parts of the Maze.

P.S. The maximum number of active Fragile Shield Spells for an Elite Vervelak in the Maze of Eternity is now twenty four. Also, with each additional warrior who joins the fight against this monster, a Cadaver Minions is summoned. While the Vervelak is alive, all of his Minions have significant damage reduction.


What about the restrictive times you can enter? Also improved? Otherwise pointless
Fluffybears need to consider people who are not on their timezones.
interesting change, but part of the fun for me was running around figuring out what was where before the Horror could get us. I like the map, it'll make hunting faster..... if we could get to the maze Whenever we had the group ready.
Please get rid of the time restrictions as soon as possible. I still do not understand why time restrictions are needed, can you tell us why?
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