Change of rules in Maze of Eternity

Following changes have been made to the Maze of Eternity.

• You can now enter the Maze from 12:00  to 15:00 Server Time and from 19:00 to 22:00 Server Time.

To enter the Maze, you still need to complete a Recurring Quest which is now called the Rune Key. If you complete this Quest's main objective, you will receive a Rune Key which you can use to activate the Twilight Portal and gain 1-hour access to the Maze of Eternity.

• If you complete both main and secondary objectives of the Rune Key Quest, you will receive two Rune Keys which can be used one after another as well as an element of the Staff of Power Collection.

• You only lose access to the Maze of Eternity in two cases: if the Twilight Portal expires or if you decide to leave the Maze. If you die in the Maze, you are teleported to your Empire's main square and can go back if the Twilight Portal is still active.

Elite Monsters now only appear in the Maze at certain times: 12:20, 13:20, 14:20, 19:20, 20:20, and 21:20 Server Time.

Common Monsters now respawn faster after being killed, especially in the central part of the Maze.

Two Wells of Vitality have appeared in the Maze. Wells restore your Energy and allow you to move faster.

• Slaying monsters now attracts the Horror of the Maze. The more monsters you kill, the more often the Horror will be able to track you down. Also, the Horror of the Maze will become stronger  as the number of monsters you killed and Chests of the Undead you acquired increases. Additionally, Horror of the Maze now has the ability to join combats: if you enter a combat while being chased by the bounty hunter, he will join your opponent's side.

• Some Elite Monsters have revealed a new ability, the Shards of Wrath Spell. Casting it, the monster attacks as normal but deals several additional hits after each attack to random targets in the enemy team. If there is only one enemy, they take the full damage.

HellsingWho the fluffbunny decided on the elite monster timings of 12:20 and so on? do u know 12:20 server time refers to 5am PST and 21:20 refers to 2pm PST?

why does it matter to you, your level 5, this instance is level 50+, you will prob of stopped playing before you get to level 50, also there are people who play on the game late at night or during the day
It was already hard enough getting a group together, now you've eliminated very important times of days when there are enough people online to go. 1900-2200 game time is War time. Please reconsider this change. Unless there was somehow a problem of too many of us going everyday, what is the reasoning for this? ">
No one has responded to the fact that Maze of Eternity needs a US time for people who work.

0200-0600 server time would be greatly appreciated for players in other time zones
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