Dragon Warlords - Action-Packed 3D-Strategy Set in Adan!

Warriors of Adan!

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition in our family, Dragon Warlords, which will give you a fresh new perspective on your favorite Adan. The game is already available for download on Google Play.

Dragon Warlords — is an exciting online 3D-strategy that takes you back in time, to the tumultuous era when Adan was quite different from what you've seen in Dragon Eternity. The continent of Tartu knows no peace as countless independent kingdoms and dominions fight against each other in a never-ending struggle for power.

You are one of the human lords whose lands have been engulfed in war. Your only hope for survival is to assemble a mighty host of allies and conquer other states. Your path will take you through the gloomy woods of the Elven Branch Union, up the impregnable hills of the Mountain Guild and into the hot sands ruled by the Desert Brotherhood. Carve your way with sword and fire, protect your citadels and bring the self-proclaimed usurpers to justice. Unite Adan under your banners and prepare for the most important battle in your life, for Adan's sworn enemy has awakened, and will stop for nothing to see our entire world burn...

Seems interesting. Looking forward to trying it out.
can't wait till it's on iOS
Can't wait it for PC. :p.
Looks like an awesome game ;))) Can't wait to try it yay ;))) ;P
Cross out that awesome I said. Make it double-AWESOME.
Faeryns7 Ikr
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