Days of Dragons in Love

The long-awaited ones have finally arrived Dragon Lovers Days! This romantic celebration will last four days, from 14 to February 17th.

It is said that this holiday was created in memory of the great tragic love of the dragon Valentar and the dragoness Alinea. This story is so old that many consider it only a beautiful legend, unrelated to the chronicles of the world of Adan. You can read this legend here.

Believe him or not, decide for yourself.

Anyway, the holiday of Loving Dragons is the best opportunity to please your loved ones with attention and care or to make a new acquaintance. Our store will help you with this, because there you will find a lot of gifts created by the best masters of Tartare!

• Romantic postcards will appear on the "Unique" tab valentines. For 10 valentines sent to representatives of the opposite sex, you will receive a gift from Mrs. Lardiana. Please note: with each Valentine gift, the probability that you will dodge an opponent's punch may increase! Gifts from the elf will also go to those who receive 10 Valentines from other residents of Tarth.


• Among the new gifts on the "Unique" tab, two special holiday sets will appear This is not just a way to express tender feelings: whoever you give such a set to will be able to get new consumables that are very useful for future adventures: festive symbols of life, mana symbols, custody signs and crystals of Dreams. Take care of those you love!

• On the "Orbs" tab, you can find Loving Heart Arkam. To use it, choose a companion of the opposite sex: the artifact will restore health and help you survive in battle.


• By giving a valentine or one of the holiday sets, you will also receive a spell Harmony I, which will increase the healing effect of your elixirs and symbols of life. This spell can be enhanced by participating in Battles or giving holiday gifts.


Using Loving Heart Arkam, giving valentines, as well as sending and receiving gift sets, you can get collection items Eternal Love Collection. Collect a collection, and you will receive a gift in memory of participating in the holiday of Loving Dragons and a spell Cupid's Care.

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