Christmas Adventures

Christmas Adventures Have Begun!

Everyone's favorite holiday is fast approaching. Grandfather Frostmir is preparing his sleigh and checking the gift lists to make sure no one's missing. While he's at it, the inhabitants of Tartu have to decorate their homes and streets properly for Frostmir's visit. There is a tradition that everyone must make a Christmas decoration with their own hands and hang it on the Main Christmas Tree on Winery Crossroads.

In order to create such a decoration, you'll need 5 pieces of Colored Glass and a set of Festive Ribbons. Colored Glass can be acquired in battles against Durgs or other players while Ribbons can be purchased in the Christmas Shop on Winery Crossroads. Warriors who make 30 Decorations will receive a Large Gift from Snowflake. Those who make 150 Decorations will additionally get an item of their choice: Frostmir's Chest or Ice Rod.


Alas, not everyone partakes in the celebration. Trug, once Frostmir's assistant and now his arch-nemesis, doesn't share everyone's joy and happiness. He's going to make yet another attempt to ruin the holiday! His loyal minions, Durgs, have attacked a wagon with Christmas decorations. You'll have to defend it or else the icy monsters will steal Christmas from us! Warriors who help defend Christmas decorations will get a Gift from Snowflake. Snowflake will even let you take a couple of magical items from the wagon. They will help you immensely in the coming battles!

During the first phase of Christmas Adventures, you can take the Recurring Laerycawn in Distress Quest. Complete it to receive a Gift from Snowflake.

Clan Quests

During the Christmas Adventures, members of a Clan can purchase a Christmas Tree in the Christmas Shop and put it in their Clan Hall. This Tree isn't just a decoration. Adorning it with Ultramarine, Emerald, and Carmine Crystals will bestow the Christmas Drive Spell upon the Clan. Crystals can be obtained during Clan Wars or in Naval battles against other Clans in the Roaming Archipelago. 

Useful Gifts

During the Christmas adventures, the Festive Mood, buff is bestowed upon everyone. It increases your Strength and Vitality and becomes more powerful whenver you receive Modest, Elegant or Desired Gifts from the Unique tab or special Christmas Gifts available for Reals from other players. Hurry: Spells can only be strengthened until December 25th, and will last until January 20th.

Christmas Shop

Also, a Christmas Shop has opened its doors to customers on Winery Crossroads. There you can find unique holiday items that can be purchased for Gold or Winter Crystals, acquired for completing Christmas-related Quests.

Christmas Adventures begin with Snowflake's Christmas Quest, unlocked at level 9.

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