Invasion of Shaab: Arkakhshul Conqueror of Worlds

All day the inhabitants of Tarth, turned into defilers, scoured in search of the defenders of the Dragon world, destroyed them and extractedCorpuscles of Anger, as ordered by the voices of the new owners broadcasting from the Abyss. The extracted magical substance is now enough for the Shaab warlocks to open the Gates of the Abyss again, but this time the dark gods do not intend to take risks.Omnimachus mal Adintarfeels like a terrible, unstoppable force has stirred in the depths of the caves of Pestilence and understands that it means. Now a commander who has never had to suffer defeats will be thrown into the attack on Tartus.

For many centuries, the converteddragon Arkakhshulserved Shaab faithfully, destroying armies and subjugating free worlds to the will of the dark gods. Now it was Adan's turn. 

Today at20:00 Arkahshul Conqueror of the Worldswill arrive inKnossos Gorge to punish the rebellious Tartus and turn the blooming continent into a dead wasteland. However, Omnimachus is confident that the Dragon world has a chance to survive and win this fight. For this purpose, the sorcerer penetrated the consciousness of the defilers, drugged by the voices of the Abyss, and called on them to go out to fight again with the defenders of the continent.

No,mal Adintaris not crazy at all. On the contrary, he knows perfectly well that the Arkahshool is protected by a spellCocoon Shaab,  making him invulnerable to physical attacks and ordinary magic.To give the defenders of Adana a chance to win, Senior Dragons woven The gift of Aeon is a spell that redirects the damage inflicted on defenders to the Arkakhshul itself. And although the imperial fighters will have to suffer from injuries, the more damage they deal, the more the dark dragon, who has no account of lost battles, will suffer. Now the fate of our world is in your hands, warriors, and it depends only on you whether the world of Dragons remains free or becomes another trophy of the invincibleArkakhshula.

Take part in"Shaab Invasion"can players who have reachedlevel 16.

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