Invasion of Shaab: Blood of Dragons

The enemy is already on Tart!

The protective dome fell, but the tactics of the invaders turned out to be not at all what the commanders of Adan expected! Instead of a massive attack by the army of the dark gods on the defenders' barricades, the defilers break out of the revealed ones one by one The Gates of the Abyss, quickly overcome the steeps the gorges of Knossos and mountain trails rush to Tartus, appearing in different parts of the continent.

Strong and merciless monsters are dangerous not only by themselves, they carry Dragon Blood Crystal bearing The Seal of Filth I, a dark spell, capable of strengthening ordinary monsters in the same location with them. Fortunately, the sorcerer Omnimah mal Adintar, who was once a servant and a tool in the hands of Shaab, knows how to use the energy of magic crystals against the lords of the Abyss themselves.

Unite in squads, search for defilers and destroy them, getting captured magic crystals. Immediately use Dragon Blood Crystal so that Omnimachus can use the released force to close The Gates of the Abyss and stopping the invasion. 

If participants manage to activate the required amount Dragon Blood Crystal for a set time, all players of the world will receive a spell valid for a day «Imperial Grace», which increases the resulting valor and heroism by 50%, and also gives the character an effect thanks to which the equipment in battles with other knights will not break.

But while fighting for the freedom of Tarth, be careful. Remember about the unknown and terrible disease of Filth , which can affect those who fight with any of the creatures of the dark gods. May the Great Dragons protect you!


Players who have reached level 16 can take part in the "Shaab Invasion".

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