Invasion of Shaab: Shalzar Roar of the Abyss

A new army of monsters is on the way!

Thanks to the heroic efforts of Valor and Sadar's fighters, the Priest Shaab Nakandar and the hordes of creatures of the Abyss led by him were destroyed. But the war is not over, the invasion continues, so it's not the time to put swords in the scabbard and celebrate victory. Defilers are still roaming around, strengthening the surrounding monsters, in the depths of the Abyss new hordes of Shaab servants are moving towards the dark valley.

Seeking to avenge the fallen Priest , the dark gods will throw even more monstrous offspring into the attack. This time the invading forces will be led by the supreme leader of the packs of the northern wastelands - Shalzar Roar of the Abyss. With his appearance in dark valley in 20:00 all creatures Shaab will reinforced The cry of Filth, and the defilers will begin to endow ordinary monsters in the same location with a spell The Seal of Filth III, which will increase the damage they do again.

Take part in "Shaab Invasion" players who have reached level 16.

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