Clash of the Empires

May 9th in 12:00, all knights of empires will receive a task Participation in the Battle of Heroes of Empires, the purpose of which will be a conversation with the priest of the native Empire for further distribution to the team red or blue warriors. At the end of the dialogue, the priest will assign the warrior to the appropriate team, according to the current balance of forces, and will also issue a task Battle of Heroes of Empires . Exactly at 20:00 in honor of the holiday, a grand event will begin The Battle of Heroes of Empires!

ATTENTION! All warriors must be assigned to one of the teams before the start of the battle, otherwise they will not be able to join the battle until the team is determined!

Players who have reached level 9 will be able to take part in the battle. The valiant representatives of the blue team will gather on the left slope of the Knos gorge, and the brave participants of the red team– on the right. The troops will converge on three bridges stretching over the fiery cleft. Taking part in the battle, all warriors will receive points valor, and representatives of the winning teams more and points heroism, also all participants of battles will be able to get Hero of the Empire Casket, according to his contribution to the confrontation. Recall the rules of the battle:

- commands are balanced automatically to guarantee equality of forces;

- the event is still taking place in Knos Gorge. The armies of the two teams will converge on three bridges installed over the fiery cleft. The battle will begin warriors of the teams;

- there can be unlimited number of participants in each battle;

- after leaving your first fight, you will be able to participate in the other two, if they are not completed yet;

- when using Bonecrusher balls in these battles, evil spells will not hit anyone, however Bonecrusher's reputation when using them will be issued as usually ;

- from now on, representatives of the winning teams at the end of the battle will receive in addition to valor also points heroism;

- victory will go to the team whose fighters can win in two battles out of three. We would like to remind you that in the case of a draw, no one will get an additional reward for winning the event.

Please note that the event lasts only 4 hours— from 20:00 to 24:00.

you know, it would be nice to know about these things AHEAD OF TIME!!!! I logged in for my daily login and check to see if there was any new news... low and behold I am 2 hours late to the event because I did not log in in the morning instead of the evening. (considering I would only have 3 hours before the actual fight anyways.)

I been waiting all year to do this event and I missed out because I did not see anything about it till it was done for 2 hours...
Zalex says it all, same thing here wish I knew about this sooner to prepare accordingly and participate!
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