Days of winter bounty

To the attention of the inhabitants of the world of Dragons!

Kind Grandfather Chladomir knows what the warriors of Tart are dreaming about, and on the eve of the New Year he decided to please everyone with a generous gift — a unique offer to buy reals!

In the period from 12:00 on December 23 to 12:00 on December 30, each player who has reached level 10, upon entering the game, will receive a special offer: when replenishing the account for the indicated amount of reals, you will receive a bonus set of items in accordance with the level of your character a also bonus reals for free! After 24 hours after buying the first offer, you will receive a new one, for a more impressive amount, and after buying the second one, also after 24 hours you will get the final - the third.

Hurry up, the action is limited!

Wuhooo thank you
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