New Arena Battle - King of the Hill!

Starting today, experienced soldiers who have reached level 16 can participate in a new arena competition called King of the Hill

King of the Hill is notable for the fact that it allows warriors with weak equipment to compete with those who have much stronger armor and weapons. The main difference is that the warrior who starts as the King of the Hill must alone fight off the three other attackers. When entering battle, you choose a side to fight on: Attacker or King of the Hill.

No one is allowed to summon Skeletars during this battle and only the King of the Hill is allowed to summon a Dragon. Distribution of Valor depends on the side chosen.

In case of defeat, King of the Hill will receive only 70% of the valor from the damage dealt, but in case of victory, the full amount of valor for the damage dealt to all three opponents is received! Attackers will receive 30% of valor earned upon defeat, and in case of victory, they will receive the full amount of valor according to damage dealt.

To take part in a King of the Hill battle, click "Battlegrounds" in the main menu and select "King of the Hill" from the list on the left. You'll then choose your side by clicking "King of the Hill" or "Attacker".

Wow... sounds preetty awesome
Wow, I can't wait to try this! Seems like a great new addition :)
This is epic, it will be so easy to farm Valor now ;)
Ofcours eif KotH wil lwin battle ;)
so when i get to level 16 i get a dragon and can take part in tournament of houner and this
Very interesting! 2 on 3 battle :D
Do we get a kings crown upon winning too? :d
great new addition to arenas now to get some to fight lol
This is gonna be pretty awesome I think. But there goes my armor lol!!
and here comes another way to destroy my equipment, but i will go in weapons ready and come out broken and ">.

enough of joke, great work guys i see you are doing your best. ">
I'm going to sharp my axe
Great idea!

I am quite curious though as to how it will decide who gets to be the King of the Hill if 2 or more competitors want to take the spot. Will it take the highest level or will it decide randomly?

In any case, I'm a sucker for new additions, so keep up the good work and add more more more!!
i hope it brings in more higher levels because at the moment at higher levels its very quiet.
Wow! Truly a test to see how good of a PvPer you really are!
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