Disable Flash and fix the problem

Dear players!

According to an alert from Adobe, Flash Player stopped working on January 12, 2021. Adobe has ended support for a program that has been used for decades to create a wide variety of content on the Internet. Despite requests to release Flash into the public domain to support and develop an active community, Adobe reserves the rights to the product, but cuts off all normal use. In addition, Microsoft and the owners of the largest browsers have already turned off Flash support in their products. Many, including us, are concerned that the rich legacy of the Flash era will be lost. An active search is under way for solutions to this problem. What does this mean for the game Dragons of Eternity? For many players, the browser version will stop running. We offer the following solutions to the problem:

1. Switching to the mobile version of the game. But we understand that this option is not suitable for everyone.

2. Using browsers with built-in Flash, such as: Cent Browser, Maxthon, Coowon, K-meleon. You can use the detailed instructions for configuring browsers located on the Russian-language forum of the game from the player Эрос - link to the forum. If you are unable to translate the text into a language that you understand, you can use the two main links to resources from the same user, indicated below:

Cent Browser is a full-fledged analogue of Google Chrome, you need to follow this link, then click "Скачать" and follow the instructions of the installer.

Coowon is a fairly old browser, but not very demanding and fully functional to this day - download link.

If you want to use a different browser from the above solution, please use your browser's built-in translator.

Since the work on alternative methods of launching Flash content is underway and will be carried out by enthusiasts around the world, it can be expected that other, more successful solutions will appear soon. We will also publish information about them.

We, in turn, are working on launching our client, and when we achieve more stable work from the client, we will also provide it as a possible solution, but now, unfortunately, we cannot do this.

If you find good solutions to the problem yourself, then we will be very grateful if you share them in the comments.

Avant browser works good also and is in english
wonder if it is possible to get the game available on steam in the future?

till this issue is resolved, I cannot play. :(
внешняя ссылка
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