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05:42 April 12, 2018

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character progression log
27/01/2018 06:42
Reached level 31!
11/01/2018 01:32
Reached level 30!
12/12/2016 10:53
Achieved new Reputation stage with "Gladiators" - Friendliness!
09/11/2016 09:41
Received new rank "Recruit of the Third Blood"!
09/11/2016 03:08
Reached level 29!
09/10/2016 08:28
Achieved new Reputation stage with "Vigilant Guard" - Recognition!
24/07/2016 08:32
Achieved new Reputation stage with "Protectors" - Friendliness!
15/07/2016 10:02
Achieved new Reputation stage with "Conqueror of Seven Bridges" - Recognition!
28/05/2016 08:11
Reached level 28!
09/05/2016 06:58
Reached level 27!
player info
Marycile Cortez
City: WA State, USA
Online: 940d 12h

I am a wife of over 20 years to the same man, and I am a mom to an adult son. I have 1 cat named Gracie, and 2 dogs named Mandy and LittleBit. I like to play games, play the musical keyboard, make rosaries and other jewelry, and crochet. I use Skype only for family. I use Facebook only for sweepstakes. I am an online Turk worker for amazon. I am happy to be a granddaughter, daughter, sister, wife, mom, aunt and cousin to wonderful family members whom I treasure. Really, my birthday is on April 13, 1967. I think the game doesn't accept me this old.