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Empire of Vaalor

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22/04/2016 11:46
Frockus received level 27!
17/04/2016 06:46
Frockus received new rank «Recruit of the Third Blood»!
14/04/2016 15:04
King Odin achieved new reputation stage  "Defenders of Adan" - Recognition
14/04/2016 12:43
RajaSantet received level 29!
13/04/2016 20:57
King Odin received level 23!
13/04/2016 13:45
Tajai has left the clan!
13/04/2016 08:07
Frockus received level 26!
13/04/2016 06:23
Tajai achieved new reputation stage  "Gladiators" - Respect
12/04/2016 23:51
Tajai received level 32!
11/04/2016 15:43
G Code has left the clan!
clan description


.We would like level 16 with dragon, second blood minimum, and working on reps.
We will allow some exceptions to this this rule, speak to a council member.

. Please keep language clean, so no one is offended.

. All resources and drops are required to be offered to the clan first before selling outside of clan. Always help your fellow clan member if able to, its what a clan is for. Do not buy from Clan or clannie and then sell in AH....this is stealing from clan mate / making profit off their generosity.

.You should contribute a portion of your gathering profession materials to chest at or below help your clan mates....NOTE: some of the senior members contribute/donate 50-100% of their gathering below cost and use hours money to do daily task.

. Please ask council before BC'ing a clanned member to avoid issues between clans. We do allow BC'ing in arenas but we ask that you heal after, if you can not, ask for a healer prior to.

. Work on Valor, Professions, and Reps as often as you can to better the clan.... and yourself.

. Do not power level it hurts you and the clan.

. If you want to reroll and come back to clan, please speak to council to see if your current toon can be saved. We do not care to have people reroll, if it can be helped.

. SeaBattle (SB) Do not Join unless you have Soilder, a green/blue belt, a mount, dragon and skellies, and use buffs before joining. Or you will get BCd by others in SB, it is a costly arena and they Do NOT take kind to these rules being ignored.

. If you will be away from game for more than 5 days please inform council so we can hold your spot. If you do not, and you fail to pay taxes you will return clanless.

. If you have an issue with something in the clan please feel free to tell council, we do not want people going to others about any issues. Loyalty is very important in all clans.

.We are a family here, and like with any family there will be issues, and as we all know not everyone in a family gets along. But we treat each other with respect and kindness. If you have issues we should try to work them out.

. Have fun and enjoy the game while keeping the rules!