What is going on here all you adults?

To the adults here in this game...

OMG....that about sums it up for me.

What has happened to some of you adults...(and I think I will have to use that word very loosely)? My goodness get a grip here and knock it off. I seriously know teenagers with better manners.

I get it it...trust me I really do. Many have spent years working hard on their toons....spent tons of money...hours and hours here in this community. But I come back here and read this forum wondering.....are you all trying to win the award of "Most Toxic Game Environment of the Year"? I believe that belongs to Overwatch...but hey lets strive for something right?

We all get frustrated, disappointed and sometimes angry. Its a war game. It will happen. I am no angel myself and there is a reason why my clannies call me PBrat . But ALMOST EVERY SINGLE POST in the first few pages of the forum is this constant bashing of each other. A barrage of name calling and slandering.

Here is something from an article I read: "When young children are denied what they want, or when they feel criticized, misunderstood, or not empathized with, what they experience emotionally is hurt. And in such instances their impulse is either to dissolve into tears, and possibly retreat to their room, or stay engaged by puffing themselves up with self-righteous anger......So when we’re distraught, when we let our emotions get the better of us, we really haven’t evolved much beyond childhood."

The main point here is: things cant always go our way. We cannot control everything or always get what we want. But hey as an adult we realize....that is real life.

If you cant post something constructive without calling people out or pointing fingers at a particular person in general...then maybe you should not be typing. Just a thought. A forum is meant to express ideas, thoughts, or concerns. But almost every thread some person or persons is being targeted in a negative way and it has spiraled out of control here.

No wonder we cant get new players. I know that one of the first things I do when I look for a new game is to skim their forums to get a sense of their community. A new person who reads this forum is going to say "forget this...these people are crazy".

Do we have to like each other....no. Do we need to agree with everyone...heck no. Do we have to apologize for our past actions...would be nice but no. But we need to be adults here and treat each other like actual human beings behind that computer screen.

I want to come back here because I still have not found any other game like this one and there are still people here I love to chat with. I came back yesterday and was so nicely given an onslaught of negative woman-hating insulting comments for no reason. Can anyone here tell me what is the purpose of that? Why a grown adult must act like a petulant child when all I want to do is have fun with friends and play a game?

Again get a grip here boys and girls! THIS IS A GAME. This is not real life but a place to escape and have fun for a few hours out of the day. There is no fun in all this hate and negativity...unless you are a sociopath then I guess it will be your cup of tea .

I will admit I am very hesitant about coming back here after reading the forums and the actions bestowed upon me yesterday. I am an adult and I do not want to be surrounded by childish behavior and negativity all the time. I get that some of us wont get along and that is ok...because in real life we do not get along with everyone. When that happens we learn to deal with it or keep a distance.

And sometimes in our anger or frustration whether it be from game...real life...or a combination of both, we will screw up and lash out. But being an adult you apologize...move on or change your behavior to a more acceptable fashion. Adults learn from their mistakes and make amends where they can....not keep adding fuel to the fire.

Anyway...again I did not get a penny for my thoughts. Gosh if I did I could probably retire Just knock it off and play nice nice with each other the BEST you can. We are a small group and this nastiness needs to stop otherwise the game will truly die because people will move on and away from the negativity eventually and not look back. Now have a good morning and drink some coffee
And again...let me remind you that I said I am no angel even though I can be delusional at times and use this adorable emote

But I try to learn from my mistakes and acknowledge when I have done wrong. I either apologize or I move on. I can be childish in my own ways but I try to keep that in check or re-evaluate my actions at a later time to make appropriate changes in my behavior. I think that is what being an adult means.

None of us will ever be perfect...but what matters is how we move forward in our actions to others.
Nurse Ratched,

Beautifully written Nurse :) totally agree upon learning and reflecting to better improve yourself instead. Always love your posts, welcome back beautiful lady .
Nurse Ratched, Talk that shift Nurse!! Get it?
Thank you hun - will give the game another whirl and see how it goes.

SMH nooblet...sigh. BIG 'OL "L" for you....bad joke
Nurse Ratched, awwww :(
laker, you brat.

Nurse Ratched, Thank you for this post, your blunt and honest opinion is both appreciated and enjoyed. You earned your coffee this week!

Awwww hun...HUGS....because I like the nooblet. But I am still gonna "smh" ya and give you that BIG "L". Psst: It was mildly amusing dear :)

Storm Kat,
SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I am in the pumpkin spice mood lately. Can we make sure clan hall stocked appropriately????
I haven't logged in in two weeks, and I can say everything is GREAT
I do not miss the game at all.
Don't miss this game but miss some ppl
Kingboxa, I miss you Boxa! I hope all is well with you and HUGS!!!!
she just went psych nurse on your asses
Bumping because for some reason I don't think some got the memo

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and remember to save me some coffee for later
Seems it needs a bump again
Amherst, You beat me to it
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