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26/11/2015 21:29

game crashing

Have a tablet brand new Verizon 16gigs game keeps crashing wwhen I move to a different area but not every area need help works fine on my computer and phone but tablet doesn't
07/11/2015 18:06

Can't war

Clan has 21 members when you only need 20 to war but when I click the to battle button I get a notification that I need at least 20 members.
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31/08/2015 00:27

Bomber man 1 bug

I went into boss fight with 203 bombs, we won and i finished quest, but didnt get credit for this achievement.
 Wee Whoa Wan60 
16/11/2015 10:11

Inscriptor Quest Bug - Craft 2 Sturdy Mouton Parchments

Anyone else encounter this?? Is it a known bug?? Working on Inscriptor Rep and completed this Quest but didn't get credit. Screen shot in Gallery @ [;uT=u;cP=1;pN=1116595;uN=Wee+Whoa+Wan]
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 Storm Kat70 
15/11/2015 16:52

Achievements - Reputations - Protectors

I have Diligent Protector, Experienced Protector, Elite Protector. In my math that is 3. In DE math, under Collector: Protector I, I have 1/10 On a side note - on mobile, I can drag the achievement name to clan chat from the achievements tab. Is...
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17/11/2015 02:40

Prospector bug

i bought a prospector colllection and didn't get my 500 experience points. I believe this is the second time this happened. The first time being last Thursday or Friday.
 Storm Kat70 
12/07/2015 03:01

War Immunity

Suppose this isn't really a bug, but an update is needed. The War Immunity from curses that you buy at the squares is still 60s for 3 hours, but wars are only 2 hours. Please update this :)
12/11/2015 10:40

Gift of the Knight Order

I had Gift of the Knight Order on long before fighting and still have it on. I noticed that I did not see it as a buff whenever I went into combat be it PvP or PvE. I was wondering if I still received the benefits even if I only saw it as a buff when I wa...
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30/10/2015 10:08

Cant log into my Character

Hello Everyone. The game worked fine before a week or two, Now whenever i try to log into my charcater i am stuck at "creating water 0/1" and then this error pops in " conection timed out" giving me two options either to retry or cancel when i hit the re...
 Kitty Kat29 
09/02/2015 20:14

Elite Protector Quest level 63

Slay 3 Fire Nylphs [64] sends you to Steppe Temple, but the beast is at Camp of Sun Clan.
24/10/2015 23:48

Wanted: Lost Mechanoid Bot

Posted in gallery. Glitch with mechanoid tourney. I was fighting instead of my mechanoid.....I think it went on vacation
 Storm Kat70 
31/10/2015 20:36

War bug with Clan Standards vs Alliances?

So, In todays war with HellFire, we had the pleasure of being hit, non-stop by IE. Sure, it's a war, is expected. BUT when I went to hit back, got "You are not at war with Inferno Elite". Is this a war bug? Seems ridiculous to me that the ally clan c...
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 Storm Kat70 
05/08/2015 21:20

Boss fights, can't see HP totals anymore on computer

We used to be able to mouse over the HP bars on the bosses (Today was in DoT), and see the total amount of damage left to do. This was not available on mobile, but most computer users would tell others in combat chat what the totals were. Today, we cou...
05/11/2015 14:24

Quest "The Road Home"

I was doing Narrative quests and was taken to another world one of those quests was "The Road Home" I was playing on my phone and it said to click skip button because it wasn't available for phone version. i did and it left me stuck on that world and took...
04/11/2015 18:13

Iron Ring Mech Parts Shop

I was told once you buy it it disappears from shop so that way you don't buy it again but for me that isn't happening. I bought forged armor and it's still available in shop. Now I'm worried that I have bought it twice.
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 fresh jvc60 
01/11/2015 17:13

Wrong buy

17:00 Heaven's Voice: You have purchased: {ITEM 32263} (1 pcs). Spent: {REAL 6100}. I went in pvp and try to buy some orb cam out of pvp notice I bought this that I don't want . Can anyone help me pls
 Major Ursa43 
31/10/2015 20:21

Nasty Combat Bug in War

Spent over 40 minutes of todays war locked into a combat in which I had already died. After dying I reached to hit the exit combat button. But noticed just as I hit it that it said summon dragon. I could not summon the dragon as I had died in Neph form...
01/11/2015 19:09

During my red bag drop and hour.

All I am receiving is. Pennies. For killing quest. Can you check to see why I'm not receiving. Silver. During this. I have not played with this toon cause of this. I'm loosing my red bag everytime. Cause of not receiving. Silver. Second time on ...
 Storm Kat70 
21/07/2015 23:46

Cannot leave fight after dying during a war

Died in fight, cannot leave combat. min or 2 later posted in clan chat: 23:35 Storm Kat: i'm stuck in the fight :( rebooted. still could not leave. stuck watching a fight. 23:42 Heaven's Voice: Combat Inexperienced Crystalier vs king joffrey is...
 Storm Kat70 
25/07/2015 18:02

Another bug report during a war

War has started and my energy level is wrong. I cannot move. My pack is not full. It only costs 1s to teleport each location, but my movement bar is taking 6 mins to fill. Please correct this! reported bug, rebooted, twice, and 4 mins later, it's ...
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