18/03/2013 08:58

Chrome Browser Optimization Guide

1. Go to official webpage of Adobe and get newest flash version http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 2. Update your flash. 3. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Restart your browser and ...
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 fresh jvc42 
17/09/2014 20:54

Problem with mining site

am having problem with gathering rose from left bank site. Its keep saying that the rose mine is in my gathering page of mines but its someone else name. and when their time run out i cant take the mine
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23/09/2014 14:50

Gkitch with ny traps

i set my traps right... and now i wait for em to catch somthing.... somthings not right .. it happens to me evrytime i set traps and this has never happend and don't think its suposed to either caus evrytime the traps catch somthing 1 or 2 traps autamat...
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18/09/2014 03:16

Translation suggestion for item 36179

Item # 36179 might be better as "Spectacles of Pathfinder". But if you correct it, I'll be deprived of some juvenile humor.
03/09/2014 19:15

Heals and auto items

I died during an insignia mob fight, dragon too. I was able to heal a few times, but after using all my glyphs, I was no longer allowed to drink potions. I just went on to fight a different mob and didn't need any heals for it, but got a tracked mob. I...
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14/09/2014 21:07

Declaring War

Under top clans in Ratings it says that blades of rage are open to be declared on, under clan tab it says they are a new clan and can't be declared on. Please make different areas consistent. Thanks
15/09/2014 00:54

Legue I - II

Same glitch as last time. Heads up if you can fix it please.
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12/09/2014 01:13

Group problem

Hi, I have created a group of 5 but when I try to go to dark bog, the game still says "this instance is better visited with a group. Do you want to go alone?". How can I fix this?
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10/09/2014 20:33

unable to send messages, switch belts or complete quests

I cannot send any messages I type, I cannot switch between belt I and belt II, it is stuck on belt II and it does not change when I go to belt I, when I click on quest to complete it, the box pops up but just the outline with nothing in it or anything to ...
10/09/2014 22:43


Even though I was mounted in ToH: dragoneternity.com/game/event.php?id=5410bbd0-75fb-0405-3043-1063c445355f starting with round 5 and the consecutive rounds my mount strikes were greyed out and unusable. Refresh did nothing. Relogging in did nothing. Scr...
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10/09/2014 19:26

Connection error

I seem to be stuck in a never ending connection error / refresh loop Been stuck there for a good 5 minutes now. i'm startin to get dizzy not to mention more broke stuff=/
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09/09/2014 06:46

Terrible server connection

I am on my cell because dragon eternity will not load on my laptop but on my cell. What the heck is going on?
 Storm Kat54 
08/09/2014 23:54

Clan Chest log not working

We were kindly informed by Tuatha that the clan chest book keeping is not tracking items given or taken from clan chest. Obviously this is a big concern, and clan chests are going into lock down. I believe this has already been reported in game, but I a...
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06/09/2014 22:09

Unable to use pots in fight

While in AoH during valor day I tried to use my pots. I was able to use one. After that whenever I scrolled over them a yellow downward facing arrow appeared and clicking on the pots did nothing. Going to do another AoH...hopefully it doesn't happen aga...
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08/09/2014 04:54

profile issues

when i go to my profile it shows a different character...When i go over to another character it shows the same character...i thought the profiles where for each individual character?
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04/09/2014 21:38

Thieves at Large

Thieves at Large is always says active when I open up map.
05/09/2014 03:40


My spellbook is greyed out
05/09/2014 04:29

Not Gaining Reals

I log three chars on the same account every day, and i gain silver with two of them, in the third it not pass 5 silver, and i never gain 0.5 Reals with the third character; whats wrong?
05/09/2014 02:47

chat not seen

after the merge of the servers im not able to c the chat in main or any chat except pms tryed cleaning out my computer and restarting and took every tab off chat and put back on but still have no chat at all.
31/08/2014 04:48

lvl 27 quest error

Pirate ship quest blocks me from entering black moray, says outfit not equipped. Uploaded a screenshot to gallery showing equipping part of quest is complete.
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