18/03/2013 08:58

Chrome Browser Optimization Guide

1. Go to official webpage of Adobe and get newest flash version http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 2. Update your flash. 3. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Restart your browser and ...
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24/11/2014 17:42

Problem with 2 stage hero of empire quest for levels 16-21 (Vandal Darkguards)

I have spoken to others at this level and know that I am not alone in experiencing bugs with this quest. The vandal darkguards do offer Hero of Empire reputation points for each kill, but they do not drop any insignias of redeemer. according to the libr...
23/11/2014 05:09

HoP problem (ah too)

Got some ham from ah , 22s worth , and didn't get any, help?
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15/11/2014 16:47

Funds Withdrawn for Clan Chest Good Deposits Do Not Transfer

Dear Ihit, I can withdraw funds from clan chest for goods I deposit, but the funds do not show up in my account. This started happening last night. There was a small upgrade when I logged in. I play on iPad. Can you help? TY in advance!
 Storm Kat59 
22/11/2014 07:24

Shield of Iron Guard info missing

{ITEM 62543} - says "error" as the description on the buff.
 Storm Kat59 
19/11/2014 20:10

Near tab not updating during fights

I've recently been told that Near Tab does update during fights for some people. It does not for me (google browser on pc). Is there something in the settings I need to change? Thank You.
 Storm Kat58 
11/11/2014 19:46

Protector of the Archipelago Clan Message

19:40 Heaven's Voice: Storm Kat has completed the "Protector of the Archipelago" Quest and increased the {Clan's} prestige which is required to upgrade the Dockyard. Not sure if anyone has reported this, but it doesn't seem to matter who does the ques...
18/11/2014 06:49

Hero of the Empire Star Didn't work

Completed razed fort with star active got +100 hero of the empire rep which is double. Then went to turn in a green hero collection and only got 250. Not sure if collections count with it or not but says something about them in description figured they...
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18/11/2014 02:34

Reals glitch

So I was doing a HoP and was supposed to get 0.19 reals, and instead got 0.69 (keeping in mind that I started with 0.5 real s)
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06/11/2014 23:35


Im not getting quest :(
 king joffrey52 
12/11/2014 02:20

Cave guards quest

trying to do quest but when I go to mysterious caves to do battle the cave guards I am suppose to kill are not there. I am playing on iPad.
14/11/2014 23:51

dancing mob and dragon

sometimes when i summon my dragon when mob is at less then half life, the mob and dragon do, what could be best described as a weird dance. health bar for neither is going down, till its all over and either the mob is dead or my dragon is dead. it looks l...
12/11/2014 21:30


I thought you only get damage in boss fight if you get killed by an NPC, lord plim beast killed me, and Heaven's Voice: You repaired: {ITEM 4181}. Spent: {MONEY 40000}. My belt broke...
11/11/2014 18:52

Health Bug

Same thing as Defiler Bug that I have been having during Shaab. I haven't been starting the last couple of sea battles with full health. Always a couple hundred off. My food is on auto and yes I have it on. But even then it shouldn't matter since it would...
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10/11/2014 16:43

Enchanted keys

Could someone please add the enchanted key thing on the computer version of this game? (It allows u to buy chests for something called enchanted keys, available on mobile version) and allow us to but the keys for 0.02 reals each? Thanks!
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11/11/2014 03:22

accessing account

I uwed to log into game vie Facebook. That has been deleted. How do I log in ow? I hwve over 100 real and 100 gold on my main char.
04/11/2014 11:27

Halloween Event

I still have my quests from it.
07/11/2014 04:29

Trying to log on with facebook...

I have tried two different facebook accounts and I keep getting errors.
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02/11/2014 19:29

Can't enter the maze

So the changes were made to the maze and a good one in that you now don't have to go immediately you complete the quest. But the problem now it seems is that you can't actually get into the maze as on trying to use the rune key a very helpful message disp...
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04/11/2014 22:59

Lost Convergence Quest

I had 2. One under important quests and one under heroic quests. I used the one under heroic quests and the one under important quest disappeared as well. I should still have the 2nd one that was under important quests I think.
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