18/03/2013 08:58

Chrome Browser Optimization Guide

1. Go to official webpage of Adobe and get newest flash version http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 2. Update your flash. 3. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Restart your browser and ...
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17/12/2014 13:41

Christamas quest issues.

ok so have Christmas Quests but poppers are not in shop, and the quest for gift giving doesn't work either curiousor and curiousor said Alice to the Caterpillar
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16/12/2014 21:00

1 Sydian from maze chests

Several players have been reporting that chests give only 1 Sydian, repeatingly. This is supposed to be a collective thread about that issue.
15/12/2014 07:30

Hunting with Hunter Palar

My hunting knife is at 1durability and I get 2mobs thanks to Palar, but I can't use the knife twice because it broke the first time. I'm playing on iPad so I can't acces backpack, so that one prey gets lost.
22/11/2014 22:55

Yellow Arrow Over Pots

I was doing a HoP fight, 2v1, went to use a pot, there was a yellow arrow above it and it wouldn't drink then this happened 22:52 Heaven's Voice: Following Items are completely broken: {ITEM 16553}, {ITEM 9339}. You can't equip them until they are rep...
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11/12/2014 16:46

Clan voting bug (I'm on my iPad)

Whenever I try to vote for a clan leader on my iPad, no matter how many times I try, it's not voting... Help? I've restarted the app and all that but still nothing... I'd be playing on the desktop, but my cousins always beat me to the computer xD
12/12/2014 09:40

A Bug Reporting Bugs?

I have had 2-3 bugs that I have tried to report, ( getting points towards my quests, map, trap mess ups) All I get is a screen that freezes, "notify administrators".. How do I do this if I can't report anything??
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10/12/2014 22:03

Authentication Erorr during war

Is just me or everyone?
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 Storm Kat59 
30/11/2014 21:01

Maze of Eternity

Posted this in suggestions a while ago, but went and tested today and same problems, so reposting in bugs. Nothing has changed since the last update. "Alright, so got to maze again today, but this time no group. We were able to see each other in near...
 king joffrey54 
09/12/2014 19:29

Mysterious caves quest

i posted about this about 6 weeks ago when I go in mystery cave for the quest the mobs I need to kill are not there only the boss mob is there which is for the next quest in chain and he is not attack able to me. Ihit replied previously that this was to ...
10/12/2014 05:29

Purple gear upgrades.

What happened to the option to purchase purple gear from the "best equipment" menu? Now only blue and green gear appear. I like to have the option to buy from the "best equipment" menu to prevent buying the wrong class gear by mistake.
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03/12/2014 10:44


Garuug isn't showing up for about a weak now and yes I teleported and moved a lot...
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30/11/2014 19:30

no xp?

my {ITEM 76857} is not working? it still gave me xp? Heaven's Voice: Received: {EXP 1445} Experience, {ITEM 1043} (50 pcs), {REPICON 15591} 25 Protector Reputation. . . . please fix/ remove the xp please and thanks
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 Storm Kat59 
01/12/2014 01:27

Confrontation Ratings

I highly doubt these people would ever win, but if you look at the confrontation ratings, right after reset, there are still a bunch of players from luna that are on the list with the full amount they have earned. For Example: Dragoon Legend, CreativeS,...
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27/11/2014 18:37


So I have a few problems with playing from iPad, I hope that these can be solved. - sometimes when I open a character-window it stays there so that I have to refresh, which on iPad means logging out and in again. - I still have a problem with forum and li...
24/11/2014 17:42

Problem with 2 stage hero of empire quest for levels 16-21 (Vandal Darkguards)

I have spoken to others at this level and know that I am not alone in experiencing bugs with this quest. The vandal darkguards do offer Hero of Empire reputation points for each kill, but they do not drop any insignias of redeemer. according to the libr...
 Storm Kat59 
27/11/2014 03:23

Error on item name Mask of Enraged Chaos Blighter

{ITEM 59787} There is an extra space before of Enraged, so when I search for Mask of Enraged, this did not come up in the search.
23/11/2014 05:09

HoP problem (ah too)

Got some ham from ah , 22s worth , and didn't get any, help?
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15/11/2014 16:47

Funds Withdrawn for Clan Chest Good Deposits Do Not Transfer

Dear Ihit, I can withdraw funds from clan chest for goods I deposit, but the funds do not show up in my account. This started happening last night. There was a small upgrade when I logged in. I play on iPad. Can you help? TY in advance!
 Storm Kat59 
22/11/2014 07:24

Shield of Iron Guard info missing

{ITEM 62543} - says "error" as the description on the buff.
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