18/03/2013 08:58

Chrome Browser Optimization Guide

1. Go to official webpage of Adobe and get newest flash version http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 2. Update your flash. 3. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Restart your browser and ...
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29/08/2014 01:38


I have hp mini laptop and when go to buy reals i cant because my computer is to small and i cant buy thm .... do you know any suggestions that i can do to buy the reals
28/08/2014 17:16

Event quest? Helloooo?

The insignia event started. I didn't receive the quest as usual. Mounted for 3 hours to do mobs + boss for no reason now. Thanks DE
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25/08/2014 06:51

quest completion not registering

I've completed a quest that has had me trapped in a deydri outfit twice now, but the game isnt recognizing the completion or moving the quest forward, but really, I just want the outfit to go. The game also isnt showing one caster of arrows collection I c...
27/08/2014 16:55

Question about using healing potions

I'm just curious as to why sometimes I have to double click potions to get them to work. Often times I will single click, hear the click sound the game makes, but the potion doesn't get consumed. Click again, "gulp" I hear it consume. I also have the s...
 Special Fish31 
27/08/2014 01:40

Bug has left quest items in my tavern room and they are taking up a space

A while back I did "The Ethereal Trace" quest. I didn't complete the quest in one day, so at one point I put 5 units of cotton bush in the tavern. I eventually finished the quest, but forgot to get the cotton bush out of the tavern first. So now the quest...
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 Storm Kat40 
06/05/2014 16:29

Ipad gold access for clan chest

Ipad users are again unable to take gold from chest. The button is there, but nothing happens when they click for gold. I've managed to get them access by also giving them reals access. For whatever reason, adding reals access allows them to take both. C...
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27/08/2014 12:39


What happened to the luna server!!?? The luna server is not showing up on my account
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22/08/2014 17:11

Level 27 Quest - "The Promised Ring"

This is one of the "search and find" type quest....have to search the captain's quarters on the black moray - and instance event. I can NOT find the chest...and have been thorough I think....however, it occurred to me: that in a earlier quest in the ques...
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01/08/2014 19:19

Level 56 First Quest

Says Defeat 5 players to complete this quest. I have defeated more than 5 players through Duel of Truth, Battlegrounds and Sea Battles and I still am showing 0/5 players defeated. Is there something else I need to be doing to get credit?
20/08/2014 18:05

rogue drillers quest

although i got the message in middle of screen i havent recieved the quest and when i do fight them i get the hero rep but no insignias plz look into it ty ant1985
21/08/2014 07:53

New here, need help.

heyy so i just started playing and it wont let me upload my photo for my profile, ive tried with two different pictures and it loads for a sec then nothing happens. please help
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08/08/2014 04:13

quests not working

i have two quest that won't complete the level 57 "The Daring Thieves" i am supposed to gather 3 scrolls of myratella kharmai by fighting people in pvp, i have fought and killed people my level and higher but have never recieved a scroll. The other one is...
19/08/2014 23:46


all my quests are showing in the quest log. when clicked to know what the tasks are, it'll show what the character says and the reward but it wont show me the task i must complete. i tried everything. refreshing, switching browsers, playing on phone and l...
 die now29 
20/08/2014 07:44

bone crusher rep

I have used my bone crusher sphear on a person lvl 20 and cursed him but didnt get any bone crusher reputation im still at zero but have cursed at least two people the other with a green bc sphear.
18/08/2014 06:07

Clan chest bug

When playing on my phone, I cannot withdraw gold from the clan chest. Checked logs to make sure I wasn't doing repeated withdraws, and nothing shows up. It lets me go all the way to the point where I can confirm the action I wish to take, but nothing happ...
18/08/2014 16:20

Phone battery dies quick now and shows that game is using 90% of power

As title says. I have galaxy note 2 and 2 batteries. Both last all day with any other app or game. Used to be same with this but recently it last 30min with this game running and plugged into charger. Anyone sle have this problem?
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18/08/2014 01:29

quest keeps kicking me off

I'm lvl 22 doing the find sword tail bugs in the garden. Every time I've tried to transition to garden and load the gear spins and kicks me completely off. Please help thanks
17/08/2014 17:52

Purchased reals...never received

I purchased a $30 reals pack on 8/16/14 and it has not loaded and it has been over 12 hours...please help
13/05/2014 14:06

Possible Bookkeeping bug

I normally play on the Ipad, but it seems no matter how many times i update the game and go on a comp, every time i try to do the bookkeeping for the clan i get dc'd and have to refresh before the page loads. any possible way u guys can fix this so i can ...
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