07/04/2014 05:29

Server connection error

As much as you seem to avoid saying it or denying it I very much believe (and I'm sure others do too) that the problem is with your servers. I have been noticing a rise in this as I'm sure others have as well. For me it seems to happen most when I am on ...
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18/03/2013 08:58

Chrome Browser Optimization Guide

1. Go to official webpage of Adobe and get newest flash version 2. Update your flash. 3. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Restart your browser and ...
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25/04/2014 02:54

Deleted Account

My girls account Ladyofsin has been deleted and why? Its under the email She mad a wrong account under the wrong character. Now there is no Ladyofsin can you help me out please.
24/04/2014 18:25


I have a suggestion to help clans deal with alts. I realize that we can not get rid of them, and I have no issues with people having them. I have some myself to sell to clan. But I do have issues with the lies, its past the point of being old. So I am...
22/04/2014 12:30

Authentication error after fighting torlings in archipelago

Still this bug isn't fixed, where timer is at 0 after exiting fight after a win. Try to refresh then can't get back into game for about 20 minutes...more wasted buffs. This has been a bug for about a month now and still we get the issue every day, highly ...
21/04/2014 14:56

Auction House

I lost 2000Actinolite by putting them at auction, they didn't sell but they dissapeared after the time was up, can I please get them back?
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21/04/2014 08:47

A Blocked Mechanism bug

I'm on my iPad and when I try to complete this quest by going through the transition tab and then the " inactive mechanism" it shuts the app completely down and I have to sign back in. Is this a know issue or is it just me? Thanks.
16/04/2014 21:19

Damage in DoT

21:14 Heaven's Voice: Durability of your Items has been reduced: {ITEM 32237} -1 (18/70), {ITEM 32031} -1 (43/48), {ITEM 32027} -1 (10/45), {ITEM 67462} -1 (12/17), {ITEM 38460} -1 (28/40), {ITEM 32239} -1 (61/68), {ITEM 42810} -1 (28/29), {ITEM 32249}...
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20/04/2014 22:36

DMG on dos

why am i getting dmg on day of steel, it's not every time i die bit sometimes im getting gear dmg
22/04/2014 07:17

Clan Reputation

4. Winning a Boarding against an enemy Ship (Amount of earned Reputation depends on the performance of Clan members during the Boarding). I won against a ship (not pirates but an actual player) in the archipelago but did not get any clan reputation....
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12/04/2014 17:06

Insignias (AGAIN)

Please guys ... I get no quest, no insignias when I kill the mobsbut I do get 1reputationpoint, it's the "thieves at large" one, bracket 9-15.
 Jose M42 
13/04/2014 12:52

Can't see clan page

When I go to my profile and go to clan, it says invalid address. Can anyone explain why?
13/04/2014 21:07


I have at the same time 2 necklaces {ITEM 34407} and {ITEM 57236} I refreshed the page, doesn't help
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11/04/2014 20:39

Mining This is a lonk to a fight for a mining slot of actinolite I used a green miner, now my problem is that I don't own the mine when I attacked it, is this my fault or...?
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13/04/2014 22:50

Defiler Health

Even though I have food and plenty of it on auto I am not starting with full health when a battle begins. Other people that are defilers told me they are having the same problem.
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10/04/2014 11:46

Trouble logging in

DE webpage comes up, but no login window / icon / button
12/04/2014 03:11

Max Health

Ok my max health is 1320 but when I join a fight its 1254-Thank you!
10/04/2014 16:57

ice trap bug or glitch does not work

Here that a few other people besides me are having this issue I've done everything correct the combination the window pops up I do the correct combo it turns blue then nothing the window just sits there please help!!
12/04/2014 14:58

Hunting on the Android (The Sequel)

Posted this a few months back it's STILL not fixed.... When using the Lucky Mining buff and getting two mobs in one trap; if your knife breaks after carving the first mob you can't repair it so you can carve on the second mob. You end up losing the ...
10/04/2014 20:59

Battleground Quest

I completed all 5 stars but the quest disappeared so I couldn't complete it.
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