18/03/2013 08:58

Chrome Browser Optimization Guide

1. Go to official webpage of Adobe and get newest flash version http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 2. Update your flash. 3. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Restart your browser and ...
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24/01/2015 03:51

can't create skeletar?

So I have to make skeletars for the "fionite creation" quest using the pit, and I made the first one, but now I can't make anymore. Also I have the required essences. Thanks
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18/01/2015 07:02

Trial of combat bug

Recieved the trial of combat quest around 6:50 server time 01/18/15 and I am supposed to kill storm-brigadier rand at the vaalor war academy. Well Rand is nowhere to be found, but there IS a nice christmas tree that I was able to admire for a while before...
20/01/2015 23:56

lost rep

I did not recieve 500 hunter rep when i purchased the experienced hunter collection. It said that it went through in chat but rep was not updated. Fix asap please.
20/01/2015 06:16

I've just seen the link of clanwar inferno legacy vs valor serpent...

the link says that valor serpents won and that inferno legacy lost, yet under the clan's information it says the opposite.
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19/01/2015 19:54

cannot access clan news

Im on a sony xperia z tablet, i go on profile then clan and says invalid address, I need to access the the clan news and prices, is there a fix or another way?
18/01/2015 16:01

missing phials

got a drgon phial from cask, then 1 from dot, and they're gone.....cant expire in 2 days
 Storm Kat61 
13/01/2015 01:03

Maze of Eternity Elite Missing

Had a crew go to maze today. We got there at 00:21 where we could see the elite on the map. There was no elite. We all have Sydian Vines about to expire, and this is the 2nd day we cannot find the elite according to the map. Today there was Noone els...
 Clara Korn70 
16/01/2015 09:50

Possible bug: Defilers

I haven´t seen a single player with a "will be a defiler" debuff yet. Is it possible that there is a bug that prevents people from recieving the debuff or a change in how the defiler stuff works? If anyone has it plz post here so i can see that it is pos...
12/01/2015 09:59

The underground maze

a lvl 55 quest initiated by prospector Felmarimal, I went into the maze, but now I am getting the "cannot follow target" message. STUCK
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13/01/2015 03:02

Rune key issue reported

Try this, Glean.
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31/12/2014 06:00

connection to server lost (error code 110)

connection to server lost tap restore error description: connect timed out erro code generic 110. samsung galaxy pro tab...android version 4.4.2 disconnect issue since december 24.... please see if you can fix
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08/01/2015 17:20

Hero of the Empire mobs events No Quest

There is no quest for the Golems of the Mountain event today, therefore I am not getting insignias. I have 189 insignias from previous event, but am unable to cash them in. Please help :) Thank You
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04/01/2015 22:46

Weird Bug

During the whole of valor day (and still now) I have had an odd issue. I can walk about as normal except aldorian road will never load up. I get a black screen with a red spinning circle in the middle which never ends. I can teleport away from this loc...
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29/12/2014 21:10

Black boxes everywhere during fights

pretty self explanatory.
 Storm Kat61 
03/01/2015 18:18

Temple Buffs, can't buy level I or II anymore

At the Altar at Ancient Temple, there's a few of us over level 60s that cannot buy level I and II cover of greatness, or reflection. The options start at level III. Conveniently, the Insignias are still there for the higher cost 18:08 Heaven's Voice:...
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31/12/2014 06:57

valor vanished

this toon has Soldier of 1st Blood but the valor is 17691. I think 36000 vanished lol and I think it happened to a couple toons of mine :)
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22/11/2014 22:55

Yellow Arrow Over Pots

I was doing a HoP fight, 2v1, went to use a pot, there was a yellow arrow above it and it wouldn't drink then this happened 22:52 Heaven's Voice: Following Items are completely broken: {ITEM 16553}, {ITEM 9339}. You can't equip them until they are rep...
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29/12/2014 01:20

connection error code generic 110

i cant stay connected in the game...i keep getting the connection error code generic 110....when i do get to stay in the game seems to lag...in combat...my toon strikes and then i touch the bar for the monster i am fighting to get it to counter move...the...
29/12/2014 21:30

Authentication Error

You got to be kidding me. During war!! Anyone else??? How we starting the new year again?
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