18/03/2013 08:58

Chrome Browser Optimization Guide

1. Go to official webpage of Adobe and get newest flash version http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 2. Update your flash. 3. Type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar. Restart your browser and ...
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16/04/2015 20:34

Just getting swirly?

I'm on HoP, trying to kill beasts, it allows me to attack but then all I get is swirlys until I'm dead, can chat ok but not fight
18/04/2015 03:38

Chrome and Flashplayer

Running Windows 7.1 playing game on Chrome browser... did as instructed and was running flashplayer external to chrome. No problems... A couple days ago Windows did some updates and perhaps Chrome did too (???). Now the chrome://plugins/ doesn't show ...
10/04/2015 21:14

When trying to claim Archipelago Hero quest get refreshed

Try and claim Hero quest and in web version get refreshed each time. Had to logoff web version and claim via app which worked fine. Tried via web several times and each time game hung then came up with Refresh dialogue box.
27/03/2015 11:39

Power outage.

Was there a slight roll back? Cause I am missing a few items from opening boxes and am missing a magic lock pick from treasures of Tartu.
13/04/2015 03:52

Ruthless Fury quest ending 10 secs before i could complete it...

Sorry, posted this in the Tavern Tab... Hmmmm... Needed 2 kills to finish Ruthless Fury Quest... Joined AoH queue when there was 4 mins 45 sec left to complete the quest... Fought..... so hard.... and when i FINALLY managed to get my to precious kills....
12/04/2015 04:17

Army Reinforcement 5 quest is not completing

Login to Facebook was accomplished (I can switch to it and I am logged in) but the quest will not register completion.
05/04/2015 04:27


I can not get to my clan homepage. When I click on the clan name from my profile, I get an invalid address error
 king joffrey63 
04/04/2015 19:58

Eldior's statue collection

i have collected all 5 pieces for the collection however the collection does not show up in the collection tab. I have refreshed but without success. Please advise.
06/04/2015 23:50


Taken care of. THREAD CLOSED
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03/04/2015 00:10

Thieves at Large

I'm fighting in today's instance and instead of giving me Insignia of Redeemer i'm getting 2 hero rep per fight. Is this supposed to be happening or not?
 Storm Kat66 
26/03/2015 19:32

Cannot control dragon in sea battles

Is this a bug for me, or is it the same for everyone? I Need to control my dragon when I am dead, as she is stupid and uses fire against RF and gets herself reflect killed. Why can't I take her over? Please look into this.
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07/03/2015 22:18

Never received the level 6 quest enabling me to buy the sample orbs of Nosferatu

As the title states I never received the quest needed to obtain this item and it would be nice to have them to combat the ones being used on me. Thank you for your help and time.
27/03/2015 11:01

cant relogn

After a crash can't login into the game. Gives me server connection error all the time. Retrieving password, quick start, new char don't work. Is it just me or server down? Thanks for ur tips.
23/03/2015 23:45

Clan page won't update

As the title says, my clan page won't update. I've tried to update it by going to the second page then back to the first, but the date is stuck at March 7th. My reps page is also stuck with past numbers. I don't know if this is a problem on my end or you...
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19/03/2015 18:44

Misspellings and grammar

I cannot believe all the misspelled words in the texts that we receive for instructions or info. It's either a sign of bad management..no one is checking these before adding them in, or someone really needs some spelling lessons. It really makes the gam...
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22/03/2015 12:46

New bug post not showing.

Just noticed that my own bug post doesnt show up unless I switch to page two and back to page one. Dont know if no one can see my post and that is why no one is replying or what I am on a Nexus 10.
20/03/2015 20:27

Meeleeyuri wont give quest.

Every day i login and it defaults to following a quest where it says to go get a quest from huntress Meeleeyuri but when I go to her the only option is to leave. is this maybe a hunter gather proffession bug? I was a hunter for a while but then switched...
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 Jose M51 
23/03/2015 00:32

Spring of Restoration

This is not a big bug but its annoying... So, whenever I use Spring of Restoration and drink a potion in the same round I have to wait 3 rounds (as opposed to 2 rounds) to drink a potion again. After the 2nd round, the number goes away but the potion sta...
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