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 Storm Kat70 
23/01/2016 18:55

Gear damage because of bugs, change this please

18:53 Heaven's Voice: Durability of your Items has been reduced: {ITEM 59200} -2 (51/70), {ITEM 32237} -2 (25/70), {ITEM 73847} -2 (34/52), {ITEM 42812} -1 (32/33), {ITEM 59740} -1 (14/37), {ITEM 73765} -1 (4/54), {ITEM 59934} -2 (12/37), {ITEM 32250} ...
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02/02/2016 05:33


I try to queue up for skrag caves and it won't let saying I'm in a group already, which I'm not...
 GH0ST Knight49 
01/02/2016 22:10

Purchasing Reals - paying off debt

I'm trying to settle my debt and it's showing EUR currency instead of US Dollars. When I put in my debit card, it tells me the transaction is denied eventhough I've already used it and it works. I've asked other clannies and for them, it's showing dollars...
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 Storm Kat70 
01/06/2015 05:09

Blaze of Fury or Spring of Restoration + Neph

A couple times now, I have used my blaze or spring spell, then neph'd, and been unable to do anything with the neph (the attack buttons do not appear at all). Have rebooted and been able to hit, but lose a turn everytime. Please look into this. Thank Yo...
 Storm Kat70 
26/12/2015 07:12

Left ship, but unable to leave group. Old bug back again

07:04 Heaven's Voice: Group has been disbanded. but stuck in the group, old bug back again. go to report it. Server time out cannot send request. Trying for a 2nd time. this is 6 minutes just trying to properly report a bug. Screen shot in photo ...
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28/01/2016 14:59

Please make "H" keyboard shortcut work for Achievements

Please make "H" keyboard shortcut work for Achievements.
 Lord BeAr51 
28/01/2016 10:54

IPad app crashes

I noticed a new type of magic in my spell book. Any time I try to look at that tab, the app just dies. I am also noticing an increasing number of movement failures. We had that problem a long time ago but you fixed it. But it seems to be back. Basic...
23/01/2016 22:49

Defiler Costume

Received the new defiler costume after final Shaab event fight. Used it today. When in fights it doesn't show that I'm mounted. At start of fight it will show but when facing an opponent my mount disappears. However, it's still there as I can see it's...
22/01/2016 23:54


I was doing hop with death and fire artifacts on and found i was getting a reduced money reward for fighting monsters that were the same level as me and higher losing, losing about 2s per fight, seems to be fixed now but on an average of 2s per fight, 1 f...
 Storm Kat59 
30/11/2014 21:01

Maze of Eternity

Posted this in suggestions a while ago, but went and tested today and same problems, so reposting in bugs. Nothing has changed since the last update. "Alright, so got to maze again today, but this time no group. We were able to see each other in near...
 Storm Kat70 
10/06/2015 21:43

Not showing offline after logging out

Rajabi has already posted about this recently, but the post is gone. I decided to watch how long it actually takes. 21:36 Storm Kat: logging off. 21:42 Kitty Kat » Storm Kat: finally offline That is at least 5 mins of people pm'ing me on Storm Kat...
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 Storm Kat70 
28/12/2015 01:03

Ruins of Ancient Capital

3 Vaalors (all 3 of us in clan hall, definitely not in any fights) + 5 Sadars in queue at 01:00 01:00 Heaven's Voice: Unfortunately, there were not enough entries to start the combat. Please wait for the next battle. Please check. Have any RoA gone ...
 Clara Korn70 
16/01/2016 23:48

Defiler BuffDebuff tiggered much to early

Defiler buff triggered much to early this time so its impossible to finish tomes quest now as well as most defilers will have the quest done far before the rest of the server gets it. Both heavy disadvantages one for the defilers one for the non defilers....
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 Storm Kat70 
18/01/2016 16:53

Prospector mine did not give ores. Bug report sent.

Just picked up my ores at Outskirts of Fort Giard I have 1 coal, 3 quartz, and an amethyst mine. 16:51 Heaven's Voice: Received: {ITEM 29179} (203 pcs). 16:51 Heaven's Voice: Received: {ITEM 29178} (116 pcs). 16:51 Heaven's Voice: Received: {IT...
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 Glory Cursed27 
12/01/2016 17:09

Of Orbs of Nosferatu or the Lack Thereof.

I am unable to purchase even the Sample Orbs of Nosferatu. I was, upon first attempting to obtain more, prompted with "You must complete Legate Val-Tar's level 6 quest 'Seven Bridges of Shadan' first." I found that upon refreshing the browser, I am no lon...
 king joffrey70 
15/01/2016 17:51

Garrug only had 15sec on him

So I was killing hero mobs at ruins and after my fight I get my tracked mob for hunter rep as I have gotten hundreds of times before. I kill my tracked monster and the rewards pop up on screen along with Garuug quest however Garuug quest only has 15 sec l...
17/01/2016 03:54

Relics for Skaggs caves?

I killed all the bosses in a row and did not get relics. Killed bosses 1 and 2, exited, came back to Reilly's boss 1, then 3, then 4. Green pauldrons after ghost boss and released dragon's soul... Did it all, but no relics. Do they not drop every time y...
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14/01/2016 21:41

No Abyss Monsters

Well the title says it all I have the quest to collect dragon blood crystals I can't track the quest and when I go to knoss canyon I do not see any of the monsters.
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12/01/2016 07:23

Level 36 Nephilim quest skellies and dragons can be any level Level 36 Nephilim quest skellies and dragons can be any level. The description page incorrectly states "of your level or higher" for both dragons and skeletars. While you're in there, spotted "you you won't be ab...
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14/01/2016 06:39

Missing Level 28 Elite Beast of Abyss

I dont see level 28 elite monsters so please add it to take a battle during invasion of shaab.
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