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 Storm Kat70 
22/07/2015 21:27

Level 70 players getting level 55 rings from DoT

21:24 Heaven's Voice: For a great contribution to the battle, G E R A K L receives {ITEM 59736} (1 pcs). level 55 zerk ring 21:24 Heaven's Voice: For a great contribution to the battle, Bubbagorn receives {ITEM 59746} (1 pcs). level 55 pally ring 21...
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 Storm Kat70 
29/06/2015 08:28

Problems with loading main page

Main page has been giving me a hard time all day. Have tried restarting computer (on a laptop, running Windows7) and clearing cache/cookies. The loads, but where the select character is, I get: Loading, bottom corner says "Resolving h...
29/07/2015 12:42

Insignia of Resilience

the orange 1 gives 12 rounds immunity and the black 1 gives 16 but it writes 6 rounds for red 1 this is the item serial for red insignia: {ITEM 65627} it must be just a description mistake
28/09/2014 18:02

Level 33 Valterna Effect

Heartrending Cry says something like "Target is ______ for 4 turns". Would be nice for it to show what it actually does. :P
 Thunder Kat12 
24/07/2015 05:24

Oops, did it again. Managed to post from my main into another clans news Managed to post in Blue Haven news using Storm Kat. I will simply delete this post, but wanted you to have a chance to see if this is a bug that needs to be fixed. Thank You.
21/07/2015 20:12

Keep getting this message whenever I clear a trap or move to an area with one that is set.

"You are on a suitable location but cannot use this spot to gather Resources since you are already using the maximum amount of spots available to you." This doesn't appear to happen when I enter an area with an insect trap set. This is getting pretty anno...
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 Storm Kat70 
21/07/2015 23:46

Cannot leave fight after dying during a war

Died in fight, cannot leave combat. min or 2 later posted in clan chat: 23:35 Storm Kat: i'm stuck in the fight :( rebooted. still could not leave. stuck watching a fight. 23:42 Heaven's Voice: Combat Inexperienced Crystalier vs king joffrey is...
 Storm Kat70 
25/07/2015 18:02

Another bug report during a war

War has started and my energy level is wrong. I cannot move. My pack is not full. It only costs 1s to teleport each location, but my movement bar is taking 6 mins to fill. Please correct this! reported bug, rebooted, twice, and 4 mins later, it's ...
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20/07/2015 16:34

BC Star

saturday i used a bc star then completed my furius bonecrusher sphere collection but it gave me 200 bc rep instead of doubling it and giving me 400 i asked ihit but like most of the time he ignored it
 Storm Kat70 
18/07/2015 03:04

Nephilim Spells

Are players supposed to be able to learn neph spells before completing the neph quest chain?
18/07/2015 05:20

Resource Storage

For level 1 at least when you mouse over it it says "Contributions for lost wars are transferred into the Storage." This is now moot so could it please be removed?
 Major Ursa40 
09/07/2015 01:33

Possible Corrupted quest record

Good Evening. I started the level 40 quest sequence last night. I am attempting to complete the Cursed Adventurers quest. On the first fight against the Ghost Adventurers. one of the notes pieces dropped. But it did not complete any of the three segme...
12/07/2015 06:41

daily login

Thanks for letting me know
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 Storm Kat70 
12/07/2015 03:01

War Immunity

Suppose this isn't really a bug, but an update is needed. The War Immunity from curses that you buy at the squares is still 60s for 3 hours, but wars are only 2 hours. Please update this :)
 Storm Kat70 
10/06/2015 21:43

Not showing offline after logging out

Rajabi has already posted about this recently, but the post is gone. I decided to watch how long it actually takes. 21:36 Storm Kat: logging off. 21:42 Kitty Kat » Storm Kat: finally offline That is at least 5 mins of people pm'ing me on Storm Kat...
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07/07/2015 23:04

login error

had server error afther 1h fighting war and cannot log in anymore. so losing 1h of war + cost's on mount,buffs for 1h
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07/07/2015 19:54

Bug Buying First Mount at-Reputations=Protectors

hi.i`ve been trying since Saturday morning to buy my first mount at Reputations then Protectors,i click on mount & buy & says-OOPS bug we probably know about & will fix soon Dragon Eternity hmm its still not fix & i`ve been trying since Saturday Morning p...
11/06/2015 19:29

Mechanoid Quest Bug

Hello ihit i cant catch you online so i created a post here in forum, i did follow your advice to wait and i waited for a week now. I still dont get any recurring request to enter tournee to gain mech coins. This is cause that i spend my first 4 mech coin...
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05/07/2015 15:43

mistakenly sold quest item...

...just started, level 3, mistakenly sold the lesser glyph. how do i get it back.
04/07/2015 03:25

serious lack of HoP dropsreals

I've tried fighting mobs 2-3 levels higher than me, with no change. It's been quite a long time since I have had anything but occasional food drop, and if I'm lucky .20 in reals. Been this way for quite some time
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