23/05/2015 03:40

lower coin

03:31 Heaven's Voice: You received {MONEY 206}. Loot has been reduced, as your level was higher than the enemy's. on hop and red bag. I have refreshed and dumped cookies. It happened once before but refreshing fixed it but not this evening. I have th...
 Storm Kat70 
16/05/2015 16:32

Aquatic Rachnis Description Says locations: Rocky Shore, Stiletto Rock, Dead Mine, Hermit's Shore They are not at Stiletto Rock.
 Storm Kat70 
18/05/2015 05:42

Bestiary needs updates

There's 2 drop downs to search Abandoned Camp. 1 is empty, the other is missing many beasts. Level 65+ do not appear on any of the locations searches, most actually stop at level 60.
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 Storm Kat70 
17/05/2015 23:00

Tournament of Honor Description error "Restrictions: • Bonecrusher Spheres are forbidden" This is not true, BC spheres are used in ToH, but the curses do not stick. Please update the description. Should read the same as Sea Battles "During this ...
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13/05/2015 22:36

Link to Facebook

Whenever I try to link to Facebook, the game loops back to the logo. Screen and won't give me the reward, any help?
07/05/2015 21:09

Dragon ability

i wanna upgrade my dragon ability Dragon Power from life giving spirit to steel claws but it shows me lvl 71 ability there's screenshot in my album
11/05/2015 21:12

Not getting kills on quest

so today I killed a lvl 52, 2lvls higher than me at leviating towers. Normally I should get one kill closer to claim the Hero of Archipelago quest...but I didn't. Quests says that I need 5 kills (so not the key one).
 king joffrey67 
10/05/2015 21:21

Fire essence disappeared from backpack

i had 689 fire essence in my pack and now only 189. I checked tavern ah sales and clan book keeping and none were used. Can you look into this for me. Thanks
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07/05/2015 03:56

Iron Ring lvl 52 quest

I noticed that it takes 4 wheat loaves each fight to heal the mech is that correct?
 Storm Kat70 
08/05/2015 05:03

Temple Buffs

Glyphs of greatness level 1 or 2 no longer available at level 70? and everything in russian. I reported the russian text in the report a bugs, but is the lack of glyphs intentional?
08/05/2015 09:24

ITEM 8071 description

The description of the Stone Hoof {ITEM 8071} appears in russian even if you are using the game set to english language. PS - had to use forum 'cause in-game bug report system reported out of time connection error to server.
04/05/2015 15:10

Error accessing game through Facebook

Greetings, when I try to access the game via Facebook I get an error message about expired server certificate (sec_error_expired_certificate) and then the connection is blocked. It happens both with Firefox and Internet Explorer. No problems using direct ...
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 Storm Kat70 
07/05/2015 22:20

Greater Water of Life Dragon Ability Description error

Item 56794 - Water Dragon, Greater Water of Life says = Boosts Water of Life. When attacking, the Dragon has a small chance to cast Enemy Stun that restores 6.9% of your Health over 10 rounds. Water Dispel remains unchanged. Enemy Stun is probably the wro...
06/05/2015 01:05

They still have the 1 character per person rule in #6 (I think) of the game rules

... I sure hope that no longer applies or half the game's getting banned
 Storm Kat70 
04/05/2015 16:09

Error in Library - Fire Dragon abilities 2 lines called Lord of Fire. Be0tingt the 2nd one is supposed to be Consort of Fire.
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 Storm Kat69 
03/05/2015 22:15

Dedaire Gulden not showing properly in copypaste

22:13 Heaven's Voice: You have purchased: {ITEM 77533} (1 pcs). Spent: 77595. item 77595 is still in russian when you hover over it and should show the pretty icon in chat.
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02/05/2015 13:07

caster of arrows collection and the nephilim quest

I have completed the caster of arrows collection twice now, maybe three times, and its not registering in my nephilim quest, i have spent reals Tring to get this done, and its not working : (
 Storm Kat69 
25/04/2015 06:59

dejection glyph during Maze time

{ITEM 79324} when fighting Undead mobs, the dejection glyphs shows up in russian.
 Storm Kat69 
30/04/2015 19:16

Ability Block in Maze

{ITEM 78816} - Description is not complete during maze. Should be "A monster has drained your abilities with a magical attack. Your Will, Intuition, and Stamina are reduced by 25% for 4 rounds." missing Will, Intuition, and Stamina in the buff.
04/07/2013 19:38

Thieves at Large

I did not get a quest for this event and it is unfair that lvl 9-15 do not get insignias by fighting the boss and it is impossible to beat him. Its unfair that while higher lvls get at least some insignias we get little to none by fighting the boss. It is...
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