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06/10/2015 23:06


I just started HoPs and my Medallion (from trials) then I am signed off and can not log on due to Maintenance. This maintenance was scheduled in two hours! Not now! This is ridiculous Everyone else is still on fighting the war. Why am I the one that c...
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 fresh jvc59 
06/10/2015 10:11

Bug or not

How many times u have to kill trolings to get chest Thx for the info Clara I hope Ihit give u extra bonus on Hop or nice drop for doin his job for him(Explaining ) when ppl ask
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 king joffrey70 
06/10/2015 09:18

Walking the line achievement bugged

imhave now done garuug twice with hunter bag equipped and both times it shows I only completed 5/6 I believe there are only 5 garuug fights available so how can this achievement be completed?
 Storm Kat70 
05/08/2015 21:20

Boss fights, can't see HP totals anymore on computer

We used to be able to mouse over the HP bars on the bosses (Today was in DoT), and see the total amount of damage left to do. This was not available on mobile, but most computer users would tell others in combat chat what the totals were. Today, we cou...
28/09/2015 00:52

FB Log in

on fixfure fir he past tow days the game will not let me log in as normal through my fb button on game site, Comes up no game acct set up for this social network, I have even tried to log in with my fb user name and password, error there is invalad pass...
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 Storm Kat70 
30/09/2015 20:55

Ship Battle heroism

Hi Ihit, dunkel had messaged you in game, but if you replied, I did not see the pm. Battle link: I did not get the Heaven's Voice announcement for heroism for top damage. Dunkel cr...
30/09/2015 11:39

Game bugged

Game stops every10-30 seconds, cant move, buy, sell, attack, collect and so on, all i can do is type and eventually i will get disconnect. Anyone else?
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26/09/2015 21:13

urPureHate lvl 15 cannot log in

Will not recognize his facebook account and that is how he logs in. and if he trys to create another account it says this email is already in use.. Please explain.
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29/09/2015 13:35

Can't log in, not using facebook log in either

No log in even appearing :(
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25/09/2015 23:02

Level 50 Threat to the Sky Horse Quest Chain

I was just doing Offensive Reconnaissance quest in this chain and i think i lost it when game server got down today as i was clicking claim to this one and now i cant see it or next one avaliable for me. I can still see the main quest to finish all the qu...
26/09/2015 01:40


In my quest book it says I have completed all quests under the normal quests tab. However under achievements Quest section it says I have not achieved Story of Halmiona Cardhi and current quest is The escaped. Also I have not achieved the Story of Hermila...
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27/09/2015 13:25


I got error 109
25/09/2015 15:31

just got booted

just got booted and now I have no login box. I am unable to get back into game. cleared my cookies and stuff, no change
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24/09/2015 18:01

mark of reals spoils

I know it says 'small chance', but you'd think after all the farming I've done, I'd have seen at least ONE reals drop in the time I've had it. But no. Only time I get reals drops is from garuug or hop.... never any other time. Is this mark actually wo...
17/09/2015 16:55

Caves map

I am on lvl 15 yet i have nerver gotten the mission to acquire map and i dont know what to do i need to do caves to get some gear some told me to keep doing mission but it doesnt work i try and there are no missions that lead me there anymore i only h...
13/09/2015 18:54

Gladiator collections

So my game started to lagg immensly and I tried to close the tab, but I didn't succeed. Now the lagg caused me to missclick and pay 10g for a Helmet of Spear Striker (an item that is nothing but useless to me anyways). I wanted to ask you to refund and r...
22/09/2015 08:42

Only english language in Setting possible

I Play With iPhone and iPad ... After Update iOS 9 my Language are only in english, before German. In Settings are two possibilities... German and english, but last can not Switch off. What can i do ?
22/09/2015 04:21

cant login

what s going on i cant login ,,, please help
12/09/2015 19:31

Logging in

Cannot log in after numerous refreshes all I can do is come to forum page and yes I have cleared cookies even restarted my computer a few times but no luck getting in. This forum is as far as I can get
15/09/2015 01:01

Thieves at large bug AND Powers up bug

Hi I'm lvl 14 and unable to take the quest thieves at large and also unable of buy balms from the power-up window which I already unloc so . Thanks
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