always thinked what its thornus alt, but today begin think its another othie alt?
Othie on this alt yuors quicksilver get his reps? lol damn cheater why u still not shackled, or sadly admins showed late yuors cheats?
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Such a Dumb you are!!! For first i Never get schackled but you and your alts been in prison for many times ,so if you wanna call cheater then first look at you „Donkey”
yes i played 6 years without any alt, never trade with them and use them like i didnt know much about it, but saw how u and yuors friends cheat each day....and if not back up our guardians u will be shackeld for sure.-_Thornus_-, its not right what yuors clan have 3 of them in one clan.
and so its yuors alt or yuors friend?

Once again.....want some cheese with your whine?? lol Haven't been shackled with this toon. Do you have proof I cheated? Nope didn't think so. Keep crying. I'll keep messing with you! Have a wonderful day DH!
Wahhh wahh wahh I'm Vedmak1984. I love to mess with people but when they mess with me I can only cry like a baby and say they cheat without proof!!

Quicksilver, othie, alvion, farmerpete,xhunt, austin and OTHERS i am not guardian, so i no need any proof, enoph what i know. i have even screens, but i know also answer of admins.....its was before we begin work, so we cant shackled him. ANyway i happy what u are 4 my friends add me fun to play
p.s. also stop use antiexp, use some stars i can sell u if need cheap like u trade with yuors alts, and we make fun hop together, yuors alts small to stall my hop still, or grow them maybe\?

Crybaby crybaby wahh wahh wahh you started this i will continue to play. keep whining it makes yourself feel good! are your alts have been shackled multiple times because you cheat. You got a lot of your reps from cheating.

My alts will grow I got time. You got whine!
I play always fair, i no need cheat never, i enoph strong to play not like u! Once it multiple? lol, and i pay Very much for this knowledge about this damn alts (i maked 2 for help on islands and not hide them), so all what hapen make me stronger only....
o Randomer o,

Cheater and crybaby. You got that means you cheat. Your whining like a little BBBB you are a crybaby! Shut up and play! DH LOL.
hide and hex all what u can, go more and call yuors friends!

yuors alts with hex can only sleep:), hard to hex me again?

Don't need to hide lol......I can wait and get the rep later! I'm patient. It'll cost my alt about 1g for 25 rep.

Wahh wahh wahh Crybaby!!
can't honestly believe you ca say any of this cry baby cheat every ounce of glad rep and bc rep you cheated for with ur now x wife guess u don't need her when maxed out
lngslng4ucan't honestly believe you ca say any of this cry baby cheat every ounce of glad rep and bc rep you cheated for with ur now x wife guess u don't need her when maxed out
she will back and kick yuors poor ass be sure. and looks u can kill only small alts like always?). Sadly i cant earn more bc rep on yuors linda and others asses, but i ok, how about u?)
o Randomer o,

You don't sound ok to me. Sound like you need a shoulder to cry on. Wahhhhh!!
vedmak1984, If you do not know what is that mean alternative character then better go google it, accusing people for cheat without proof is kinda fool. Once again will repeat that to you I never been shackled or any of mine alts , but you was so many times main with your alts. When you going to try one more time to see for cheaters here then better look at mirror and everything will be clear
I never cheat , tarde with clan prices not cheat, but i didnt know what i cant trade with them any only if with others alts lol, because never use them---so i paid for this very high price especially when got explained all by good admin....but why u all trade with them with all professions? and strange u all talk about clear lol, looks u very asked leane find any stop me, because only i can and will be fight with u all cheaters. U talk much, but mirror will be need u, i hope with new admin all be on his places soon if he find some time check u and othie! and he will look this topic. I not fear checks, how about u both, damn cheat altsmakers...
Dragonborn also yuors alts clan othie?

LOL..You never cheat but have been jailed multiple times for it.....You make alts to try and be like everyone else but are donkey (Thanks Thornus love that!!) so you can't do it correctly. So you are jailed for cheating......seems like cheating to me!
Maybe i was noob with alts, its true, but all what not kill me, make me hope u not close both donkey bosses, and ups to me for some fun.
o Randomer o,

You're a noob been playing this game for 6 years and still don't know anything except how to cheat.
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