Suggestions on helping players jailed with large fines

Many players have been jailed with large fines that they simply can not cash to get off of jail. I do not condone cheating and I have faith that the guardians work together to place fair punishments on rule breakers.

I wanted to start this post so people can offer positive constructive ideas of how we can allow those who can not afford their fine, to be allowed to pay them off.

Perhaps let them free and allow them to earn gold to make payments to pay off their jail fines. You can add an extra 10% fine for letting them out and allowing them to pay it off.

So many jailed players have spent endless hours building their reps etc and it really is sad to see so many dedicated players forced to quit due to large fines they can not afford to cash to get out of.

I would like to see Dreidans feedback on this.

Cheers to all.
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I agree we should have some sort of payment plan with interest for these cheaters to earn back respectability. Otherwise we lose players on this server and we need players to keep the server going. I do not condone cheating but making the pay to play will be better for all involved
Current system in place will not change.
Without going into details about any specific player, Guardians typically give out a warning to people who have been violating the rules particularly if the violation does not appear to be a habit or could be an honest mistake. The player is told what the violation was and therefore knows what they did to merit a punishment. The warnings could range from no fine to a small fine with shackles that might be less than the rules as published call for. If there is a repeat of the offense, the punishments are increased. It is not the intent of the Guards to put an unreasonable punishment for an inadvertent violation. However repeated violations must and will be punished.
Guards do not and will not discuss the specifics regarding an individual who has been shackled.

That’s really too bad.

A really smart person once told me most issues are not black and white.
There is usually grey and need to compromise.
It’s too bad so many players are forced to quit.
I thought the new guardian system was supposed to help increase the number of players.

I attacked a character who was 200 days in the game. Obviously, someone's twink. It is forbidden, and there are many. They deliberately violate .

All is true.
I'm not for agreeing with ppl who cheat but the game has so few truly active players right now don't think we can afford to lose many more..

A payment plan is fair for ppl that didn't do anything too bad that didn't involve pp. For instance ppl attacking alts for rating points effect other players as such should be dealt with whatever the council see fit..

But ppl that trade involves themselves and their alts is something that can be taken more lightly... either way I'll aceept whatever the council decides
Besides the council member I wouldn't have voted for and it starts with a well u know who
I agree on the payment plan part. Although 50g isnt that much, unless you have it the time you are jailed, you still have to pay 50 euro or however much away from 50 you are to get it out, and plenty people wont pay that.

The game doesnt have a lot of good actives as it is, no point getting rid of active players while there are still not enough players in game
Cheaters need be shackled, server no need them. Not sure if they not continue it with others new alts.
Another nonsense post with nonsense content. 😴
Cheat is cheat what need be - and finally is - punished.

Cheers to guardians for their time to work for us and to clean server from squalor. 🦄
Well, everyone knows the rules. And everyone knows that you will be punished or jailed for breaking the rules.
If they get caught, they have to bear the consequences. They had a choice before: To remain honest or the other way around!
I do not see any sense in offering a payment plan. This only promotes the incentive for the cheaters ala: "I cheat, so I can pay it easily off and everything is fine again!" Sounds to me like a free ticket for them.

I totally oppose it and therefore appreciate the attitude of the guards (even if I do not play much anymore).

who will ultimately decide what's a simple cheat and who will decide what's a heavy cheat???
It's the way it is: A cheat is a cheat! Btw. it always involve ppl.

People who cheat do not care much. They do not care about the game and the following players.
It is my deep conviction that cheaters will continue to do so. If you offer them a payment plan, you will encourage them for further cheats.
Even if it makes you sad and thoughtful that the game loses good active players .... the game also struggles (dies) without cheaters.
- Red Phoenix -,

Pretty accurate. People I have shackled for cheating don’t change, they just find different ways to cheat and they continue to do it, trying to convince themselves they’re not cheaters. Or, people who just help cheaters and think that does not make them a cheater. Enablers are just as bad as the cheaters themselves. I had one case where they immediately began cheating after I lowered their fine.

And it was another council member who once said the game didn’t need people to stay who were cheaters. She referred to it specifically in the case of fight rigging but I assume all forms of cheating fall under that umbrella. I agree with her. She fought adamantly for someone to remain jailed in fact since he cheated like crazy back when we first began investigating cases. I admire her for that and regret not supporting her on it at the time and asking for leniency.

But, things change. Perhaps she no longer holds that opinion, but now I do as do most of the guardians. Cheating is cheating, doesn’t matter how much you money or time you spend. I don’t particularly enjoy shackling people, but if I give favoritism based on what clan they’re in, or how much money they spend, defeats the purpose of an impartial council.

I’ll just put it like this- if it had been someone who generally doesn’t have a likeable reputation, lets say vedmak1984 (not meaning to single you out but just as an example) - and his fine was 600 gold and he asked for a payment plan so he could continue playing- would you still be amenable offering it to him? Maybe some will say yes- I’m gonna guess most will say no, he got what he deserved. That itself, is bias and the one quality council members ought not to have.

And for people that think we are just looking for minor infractions to catch people, we don’t. It’s the cases where it is blatantly obvious in your logs that we don’t even have to question if you are cheater because anybody looking at it would see it. 8 fights in 3 minutes with the same person at the same spot. Buying something for 10 silver and then selling it back for 30 gold. Trading 20 PQ pieces for 100 weakness orbs. Sorcerer’s bracelets for 3 gold a piece< - examples. Not, the occasional I traded 1 purple PQ for 1 blue PQ piece. Nobody on council is just sitting there thinking: who can I jail today? It’s just that in some cases- it is such blatant cheating that we literally cannot just overlook it.
thank you for the detailed information

1. You do not have to justify yourself

2. Rules and punishment are set in stone since the beginning. There is no gray zone.

3. No one is forced to quit because he can not pay the fine. It's a simple thing: If you would had followed the rules, you would not have been punished/jailed. So it is the fault by the player who cheated!

4. Have a nice day
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Nobody made you quit. You did it to yourself. Glean gave you a free pass- did not even add to your original fine and what did you do with it? You went back to doing exactly what he told you not to do the exact same week. Nice touch.
Well all I can go on is how many times I was warned when I was jailed twice.
I had 0 warnings.
Pandor had 0 warnings.
Seems like we were treated unfairly if everyone else gets not only 1 but multiple warnings.
That’s really too bad, seem like extreme bias to me.
The administration reserves the final right to decide what is considered a violation of these Rules of Conduct. The administration reserves the right to change any of the above rules and regulations at any time.

I remember this ol' sentence.
Now if you cheat, you cheat. It's only a favor the guards give you if you get a warning, you could have been jailed instantly too. As I remember, people never got warnings, and fines were mostly 100r even for small indiscretions. So being able to pay with gold is actually quite the improvement.

You didn’t get one because you have a record of violations and we do not give breaks for people with histories of rule breakage and cheating. He got one because he was already in the dungeon for a previous offense and came forward that he had dishonest transactions, wanting them reviewed promising not to do it again. Glean decided to be nice and forgo that portion letting him pay the lesser amount given it was first offense. For which, first time offenders are allowed leniency at the moderator’s discretion, not repeat offenders.

Instead of taking it to heart, he went right back to doing exactly what he said he wouldn’t.

You are 100% correct. It used to be straight to fining and because many wanted to have some leniency due to low server population, we decided to add it to the fight rigging portion. No automatic 200 reals- warning or warning plus 50 gold if you had more than 10 fights. We warn and then go straight to 200 reals the next violation we see. This didn’t extend over to the trades because those go straight to gold fines. And the only time fines get doubled or tripled is if we have given you a warning and you didn’t listen the first time, or the second

What history of violations? I was only jailed 1 time prior to those 2 times.

And u give multiple warnings to other people for the same violation.

I was never warned once before I was jailed. Not 1 warning ever.

Seems very unfair.

If I was jailed other then the last 3 times it was because ihit was trying to get me unstuck from an instance I was glitched in.
Other then that I had never been jailed before.
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